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Teen BFF Madness: Final Four

Now in our tournament there remains only four, but which friends among them will continue no more?

Teen BFF Madness: Final Four

Gut check time, y'all. If you thought the matchups leading up to yesterday's reveal of the Final Four had been tough, then the ones ahead are going to be IMPOSSIBLE. But once again, I must ask too much of you, FYA readers.

Let's take a look at the full bracket to see how we got ourselves into this agonizing situation:

In this round, we've scoured the Youtubez to pay homage to these BFFs with the time-honoured art of swimfantage.

(3) Rory/Lane (Gilmore Girls) vs. (1) Harry/Hermione/Ron (Harry Potter)

This video is a little too fond of its weird fuzzy filter and quick cuts, but I love how it's framed by the story of how Rory and Lane met. My opinion of these besties have definitely been coloured by my dislike of how Lane's story ended up and maaaaaaybe, very possibly hating Rory by the end of A Year in the Life. But I'll try my best to put my biases aside to focus on their great friendship. (... which I wish there had been more of in A Year in the Life, but nooooooooo, let's waste everyone's time with the terribad Stars Hollow musical that WOULD. NOT. END. Ahem -- right, no biases.)

I've never really thought of "Somewhere Only We Know" (aka one of my faves!) as a friendship song, so I initially watched this swimfantage anticipating a shipper swerve that thankfully isn't there. But the words actually work really well, and the jumping back and forth between the earlier and later years is equally effective. Like, omgggggg they were once such tiny babies who had no idea that they had just become lifelong friends BRB SOBFACE.

(1) Buffy/Willow/Xander (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) vs. (3) Sam/Neal/Bill (Freaks and Geeks)

Another video that loves its quick cuts, but this is another instance of the lyrics suiting the friendship (although gahhhh there are way too many Buffy swimfantages set to sad weepy piano music*). It condenses their story in somewhat chronological order, which is a pretty impressive feat with over 100 hours of footage to choose from.

*There's also one that uses Nickelback that I couldn't stop quick enough upon the realization, so YOU'RE WELCOME.

On the flip side, Freaks and Geeks managed to forge a strong and memorable friendship between Sam, Neal, and Bill in only one season. Strange colour filter notwithstanding, this swimfantage obvi has an unfair Bowie advantage, but the Geeks will need all the help they can get in this rematch of the Teen TV Madness Final Four. (Unless this jinxes it for the Scoobies? OMG SHUTTING UP NOW.)

Polls close this Saturday at 11:59pm Tuesday, with results posted on Wednesday. Which friendships are you hoping will make it to the Final Deathmatch? Do you have a favourite swimfantage of these BFFs to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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