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IZOMBIE 3x2: Zombie Knows Best

Major on teen girl brains. We can’t even.

IZOMBIE 3x2: Zombie Knows Best

Previously, on iZombie: Season 3 kicked off with new head zombie about town—Vivian Stoll, CEO of Fillmore-Graves*—filling Liv, Major and Clive (because, thank goodness, he’s in on everything now) about her plan to create a zombie sanctuary BEFORE the humans have a chance to take them out; Major deals with the fallout of the Chaos Killer drams; and Blaine continues to (maybe) have amnesia and pine for Peyton.

*I literally just got this joke as I typed out the name. I am slow.

Grey Matters

Det. Cavanaugh questions Clive about his connection to Wally and his mother Anna. Cavanaugh doesn’t believe him when Clive says it was just a neighborly relationship, and his questions lead Clive to think about the time he spent with the (fabulously sassy) little boy and his family, including his d-bag of a father.

A hit and run causes to the death of Stan Chen and his daughter Cindy, whose brains Liv and Major then consume—Liv eating the father, and Major the daughter, which promises some DELIGHTFUL antics to come. Clive watches, appalled, but some part of him sees the benefit. Clive and Liv head to interview Stan’s coworkers while Ravi and Major have a heart to heart about Blaine, Peyton and their bestie status. Major heads to mercenary training, where he has a vision of a photo Cindy took that might have been the start of she and her father’s troubles.

GIFs via rocktheholygrail.tumblr.com

Oren from Parks and Rec arrives, and Clive asks for his help pulling the photo in question from Cindy’s phone. While they’re waiting, Clive and Liv head to Fillmore-Graves to interview people about Wally’s death, and Clive thinks back again to his time with Anna and Wally.

Cindy’s friend Winslow comes in to the station to give a statement, and Liv sees the other side of Major’s vision, which is a selfie of Winslow and her shirtless stepfather in flagrante. Clive and Liv head to the nursery Winslow’s step-father works at to question him, and find that he drives a very large truck (that could have easily hit-and-run the Chen’s car). Winslow’s mother Tori shows up and puts a stop to the questioning, but Clive pulls out a warrant for Winslow’s phone. He also later finds a citation for driving without a license in Winslow’s file, which shines the light of possible blame on her.

All becomes clear, however, when Tori comes to the precinct to point the blame at Ken, who was having an affair with Winslow. When Oren brings Clive the “resurrected” texts from Winslow’s phone, which show her threatening Cindy’s life if they take the news to the affair to the police, he also tells them about finding a secret app on Winslow’s phone that proves her mom knew about the whole sordid affair, and was the actual murderer.

The hit-and-run case solved, the team turns back to the investigation into Wally and Anna’s murders. Ravi alerts Clive to a clip from a conspiracy theory radio talkshow that leads them to question Anna and Wally’s next door neighbor. The neighbor has an alibi, but he shows them an online message board filled with zombie sightings, killing techniques … and Anna and Wally’s address.

Brain Melt

- Clive with a porn stache!

- Major on teenage girl brain. MAJOR ON TEENAGE GIRL BRAIN.

- Brain gogurts? Brill!

- There’s an online zombie hunt message board? Not good news.

Winners and Chewsers

Winner: Major. Remember when he was super boring and the least interesting part of the show? Yeah, neither do I.

Loser: Clive. They say it’s better to have loved and lost than never loved at all, but my heart breaks for how sad he looked this entire episode. (Related: Where’s Dale?)

Words With a Bite

“Is that moustache real?”—Wally
“No, I glued it to give myself more authority in situations like this.”—Clive
“Well, you look like Black Tony Stark.”—Wally

“You guys know I hate the cold, and I would love to get my finances in order.”—Major

“Look at us, working together to solve mysteries. We should get a van and a dog.”—Ravi

GIFs via vanessacarlysle.tumblr.com

“She slept with Blaine, which, first of all—ew—and second of all, I can’t even.”—Major

“Where are you off to, kiddo?”—Liv
“I have mercenary training, god.”—Major

“Your abs make me want to kill myself. You’re basically carved out of marble, and I’m this hideous blob of dead fat!”—Major

GIFs via livtheizombie.tumblr.com


“I’m, like, so grossed out right now.”—Major

“Should I be the first to point out that a cradle-robber works at a nursery?”—Liv

Picking Your Brain

- What do we think Blaine was up to this episode? And ... Peyton?

- What will the news about the message board cause Vivian to do?

- We can all agree that Major needs to be on teenage girl brains for the rest of the show’s run, right?

Let’s discuss in the comments!


Next episode: “Eat, Pray, Liv.” Major does not look well, and it is NOT OK.


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