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YA Onscreen: The THOR: RAGNAROK Trailer Is Bringing The Laughs

She's looking at Chris Hemsworth like we all are. Plus a Disney and The Rock collaboration and...a Raven Boys TV show!?

YA Onscreen: The THOR: RAGNAROK Trailer Is Bringing The Laughs

Welcome back to this week's YA Onscreen. Let's jump straight into the links!

Really, Netflix? You think we need Anne of Green Gables to be ready for her runway walk in order for us to watch your adaptation of this beloved series?

Join Mandy C as she reviews the latest upcoming movie trailers.

The Rock is apparently in cahoots with Disney to develop a movie based on the Disneyland Jungle Cruise ride. The It's a Small World movie is coming, you guys. It's coming. 

We have been treated to the new trailer for Thor: Ragnarok and it looks pretty fun. I dare you not to smile when Thor sees The Hulk and shouts with joy.

Amy Sherman-Palladino is riding her Gilmore Girls revival wave into a two-season deal for a new hour-long dramedy called The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Big news, Raven Cycle fans - Maggie herself has confirmed we should be getting a TV show about Blue and her boys! Come freak out with us!

Are you in the camp that wants Netflix's Thirteen Reasons Why to have a second season, or would you rather let season one stand for itself?

Stephen Amell confirms the return of a certain character on Arrow:

Moffat has leaked some more details about the upcoming Doctor Who season, which starts next weekend.

And, finally, in the absurdly adorable, Joe Manganiello has apparently written himself a Dungeons & Dragons movie that he would love to shop around to D&D's creative team.

That's for us this week! Let us know your favorite news from the week below!

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