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THE ORIGINALS 4x5: I Hear You Knocking

The Hollow demands sacrifice, and it's going to taunt you until it gets one.

THE ORIGINALS 4x5: I Hear You Knocking

Previously on The Originals: Werewolf Keelin was drafted to Team Mikaelson to develop a weapon to use against Marcel. Something creepy is hunting the witch children. They were warned, but Klaus and Marcel ended up infected by The Hollow anyway.

The Original Dysfunctional Family Drama

Klaus dreams of some horrible murdery scene in his childhood, committed by his father. No wonder he’s so screwed up. The Hollow is making him see things, including his horrible lecturing father, and himself hurting Freya. Klaus realizes The Hollow is demanding a sacrifice, him or Marcel. Marcel also has a conversation with evil spirits, in disguise as Klaus and Elijah. The Hollow tries to talk him into sacrificing Klaus. Marcel knows something is wrong with him, and that he needs a witch to help him. Sofya’s witch, Dominic, advises a spirit has been set free, and provides some spelled beads that can help, if Marcel buries them at the base of the spirit’s power.

Hayley and Elijah head out to the bayou, in hopes of answers. Mary has seen the serpent symbol before. She gives Hayley her dead husband’s journal. He babbled about her parents becoming traitors, for consorting with vampires, before his ramblings become incoherent nonsense, along with the serpent symbol. Hayley believes The Hollow made Mary’s husband kill her parents.

Freya thinks she’s forged the magical weapon that can kill Marcel, but she’s reluctant to see Keelin go, now that their work is done. Keelin doesn’t get far, before she feels bad about leaving Freya on her own. Freya does a spell that shows her what The Hollow wants - for Klaus and Marcel to kill each other, so it can absorb their power. She makes Keelin stay back, as she goes to help Klaus. They’re at Vincent’s old possessed house. Elijah arrives, to add some power to her break-in spell. Meanwhile, Klaus (armed with Freya’s spelled knife) and Marcel fight, while egged on by evil spirits. Elijah and Freya break up the fight, and Freya throws a potion at the light, that results in the sound of screaming children, and it disappears. Freya can no longer sense The Hollow but doesn’t believe it it’s gone. She believes Marcel is a threat and will have to be taken down sooner or later.

It turns out Sofya and Dominic are in league. Klaus was supposed to get killed, but Marcel’s blood was spilled instead. The Hollow received blood, so it provided a gift in return, a weapon that will kill an Original. Dominic is in it for a blood sacrifice for some dead witch. Sofya is after some unspecified revenge.

Holy Fang

Flashback to tortured child artist, Klaus!

Klaus and Marcel’s inner demons are both their fathers. Cami would have a field day with this.

Oooh! Hayley thinks The Hollow may have ALWAYS been after her family! It may not actually be the Mikaelsons’ fault for once!

Now Marcel is locked up the tunnel prison! He’s menaced by Elijah, but I can’t tell if it’s the real Elijah or The Hollow Elijah.

Winners and Losers

Winner: Sofya. Apparently, Marcel’s new gal pal has an agenda of her own, and that alone means she’s not nearly as loyal as he thinks.

Loser: Marcel. Aside from the whole shady girlfriend thing, he’s back to being on the losing side of this never-ending power struggle with Klaus.

Original Snark

“I fought evil and I saved children. I should be given a medal. instead, I’m infected by some depraved ghost.” Klaus’ incredulity is my favorite.

“”You know, we could be happy out here.”
“I think you might stand out in that suit.”
“Well, I was thinking jean shorts and flip-flops.” The horror, Elijah.

“I have hobbies. For instance, I collect the ashes of my enemies.” Same, Freya.

“I’d prefer my mind remain unaltered for the time being.”
“Weird. I feel the exact opposite.” Elijah remains my patronus.

Haunting Questions

- How long are the Mikaelsons going to be content to live in the ruins of their former compound?

- I’m never going to care about Sofya. Sorry, that wasn’t a question.

- When are Freya and Keelin going to MAKE OUT ALREADY?

- Okay, I give up. What dead witch does Dominic want to resurrect, and why does Sofya want revenge?

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Next episode: MARDI GRAS.

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