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Ladies and gentlemen, Paige Townsen has arrived.


Before I even reached the last page of Rebecca Serle's Famous In Love, I was already dreaming about the possibility of seeing its dynamic characters and juicy twists and smokin' hot romance brought to life on the screen. And then MY WISH CAME TRUE, and now it's FINALLY HERE YOU GUUUYYYS!!!

While you can't place too much weight on any series' pilot because it's pretty much impossible to nail a show in the first episode, I have to say, this initial installment was pretty damn good.

A quick take on the casting:

Paige: I'm still not 100% sold on Bella Thorne, but I found her to be surprisingly endearing in this episode. Her goofiness is sweet though I'm hoping she tones it down a tad, because this is Freeform, not the Disney Channel. Things are supposed to be soapy, not hokey.

Rainer: Carter Jenkins isn't as drop dead gorgeous as I pictured Rainer to be in my head, and he's a little stiff, but there's no doubt that he and Bella Thorne have excellent chemistry. I think I'll warm to him over time (especially if more shirtlessness is involved).


Cassie: Completely charming and adorbs. I found her to be slightly annoying in the book so I consider this an improvement.

Jake: Super cute, though I don't really believe the attraction between him and Paige.

Alexis: Alexis is pretty much the MVP of the books, and I can already tell that Niki Koss is going to CRUSH IT in this role.

On changes from the book:

- So it's Rainer's mom (Nina), not his dad, who will play the studio executive/villain. I like it.

- And Nina and Jordan are having an affair?! I don't like it.

- Speaking of gross, Cassie is... conducting sexual business transactions with a rich older dude? Ummmm?

- Not a big deal at all but Alexis is now bi instead of gay. (Correct me if I'm wrong on that from the book!)

Best moments from the pilot:

- Seeing "Co-Executive Producer Rebecca Serle" flash on the screen (!!!)

- That SIZZLIN' audition scene

- Cassie locking lips "with" Rainer and Jordan by kissing Paige. Man, I love their friendship already.

So, what did y'all think?! I am DYING to convo in the comments, and I'd like to know if y'all plan to binge-watch or if you're gonna be a grandma like me and watch it the old fashioned way, week by week.

If most of you are in the latter camp, and you'd be interested in recaps, holler at me. I'm totally down to overanalyze the shizz out of this series.

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