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IZOMBIE 3x3: Eat, Pray, Liv

Liv is preaching mindfulness, while Blaine’s mind is still a blank, and Ravi has clearly lost his mind.

IZOMBIE 3x3: Eat, Pray, Liv

Previously, on iZombie: Ravi’s old CDC boss returned. Don E. defrosted Papa DeBeers. Ravi was eaten up with jealousy over Peyton’s Blaine history. Major joined up with Fillmore-Graves. Ravi is working on a cure for the cure-induced amnesia. 

Grey Matters

The victim of the week is Topher, a yogi and mindfulness teacher, bludgeoned with a Buddha statue. Poor Clive has to dumpster dive for evidence, based on a homeless guy’s witness statement. Topher used to be an investment tycoon and a former business partner has been recently released from prison. Mitch, the former partner assumes that Topher was running a con with his friend Devon, a fellow yogi, but they had actually found Buddha. Mitch pretended to be the homeless witness, to frame Devon, to get back at Topher for screwing him out of millions.

CDC doctor, Kady Kupps, shows back up to investigate more strange developments in the Super Max case - another person with brain matter in their digestive tract. She’s traced the similarities back to the boat party. But Ravi denies that any of those victims had the same.

Ravi wants to moan about Peyton, but Liv insists he speak to her himself. He does, but it doesn’t go well. Peyton is making ill-advised visits to Blaine’s night job. (That’s not a euphemism.) She offers to represent Blaine in the matter of his father’s estate. At the meeting, Blaine appears to not recognize his own back-from-the-dead father. Angus tells a charming story about young Blaine as an 11 year-old hoodlum.

Major is having trouble adjusting to soldier of fortune training, AND the brain tubes of mush that come with it. Major sucks at zombie mercenary training and keeps earning five mile laps for his team. And he’s developed a scary sounding cough. He goes to Blaine for help tracking down Natalie, thinking he may not have long to make good on his promise to find her. After finally having a good day at paintball zombie mercenary training, Major brings his new friend, Justin, home to enjoy the real deal (Zumba instructor brains), and a little Dance Dance Revolution.

Don E. and Angus move forward on their private zombie club, The Scratching Post. Angus has bought a hospital in Bangladesh with a super high mortality rate in order to acquire the club menu. Don E. wants to get started moving in on Blaine’s business, but first, Angus sends him out to scratch up some customers.

Ravi tries to talk Blaine into taking the amnesia cure, so that Major doesn’t have to be the first guinea pig. He doesn’t want to, because he doesn’t want to remember who he was. But Ravi somewhat cruelly points out this is a way to atone for the awful things he’s done. Peyton vehemently disagrees with his methods, forcing Ravi to confess that he’s in love with her. Blaine agrees to take the cure. Peyton later confronts a drunk Ravi at home about why he’s let his jealousy get in the way of being there for her. He tells her he’s stopping that now. They kiss, right before she finds out that he has an overnight guest, in the form of Kady Kupps. OH, HELL. Peyton goes to find comfort with Liv, Major, and Blaine. 

Brain Melt

- Blaine singing! Blaine singing!

- Dr. Kupps calls Seattle Ground Zero for her investigation. Where have we heard that particular phrasing before?


Winners and Chewsers

Winner: Angus. It’s not clear what his endgame is, other than to continue being a thorn in Blaine’s side. But something tells me it’s bigger than breaking into the zombie restaurant business.

Loser: Ravi. I’d say it’s a tie with Peyton, but she can always find comfort in the arms of a crooning mortician. It’s true, the ladies love Logan Echolls, Ravi. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t a cautionary tale. 

Words With a Bite

“You should put a note about the texture in the suggestion box.” - Ravi

“Zen guru beaten to death with a Buddha statue. Feels personal.” - Clive
“Or a tragic misunderstanding of ‘open your mind’.” - Ravi

“I was thinkin-” - Don E.
“I don’t think you should start sentences that way anymore.” - Angus

“There’s never a chimp suffering from dementia around, when you really need one.” - Major

“So, you’re a lounge singer now?” - Major

Picking Your Brain

- Is this Peyton and Blaine thing really going to happen?

- Is Blaine going to remember who he was?

- If Major dies, I will RIOT. No, that’s not a question.

- Is Justin going to be Liv’s new love interest? I can't say I'd blame her.

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Next episode: "Wag the Tonge Slowly." Liv eats a busybody, and turns Gossip Girl.



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