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Procrastination Pro-Tips: SLOPPY FIRSTS On Stage, Harry Potter Christmas, Unicorn Fraps And More!

Your weekly dish of internet distractions.

Procrastination Pro-Tips: SLOPPY FIRSTS On Stage, Harry Potter Christmas, Unicorn Fraps And More!

It's Friday! Which means we're sitting at our computers pretending to work like:

Feign productivity with our weekly round-up of the best of YA internet thingamabobs.

Book Related Things

Publisher Weekly's has rounded up the best books of summer.

12 YA authors with mad style, including Stacey Lee and London FYABC's Alwyn Hamilton! (But also can we talk about Ransom Riggs' house in that pic? Swoon.)

We're getting a 'Meet Cute' YA anthology featuring short stories from Nicola Yoon, Emery Lord, Julie Murphy and more.

15 Canadian YA titles that Anne Shirley would love.

Diversity in children's publishing is still an uphill battle.

How an app got 10 million teens to read fiction on their phones.

All the heart eyes for this bookish tattoo.

Sarah J. Maas' next Throne of Glass book will be called Tower of Dawn and it can be in your grubby little hands on September 5th!

If RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 queens were YA novels.

YA Onscreen Things

This week on YA Onscreen: Don't miss teaser trailers for new Star Wars, Outlander, Orphan Black, and American Assassin, plus FRIENDS as an off-Broadway musical, Gina Rodruiguez cast as Carmen Sandiego and more!

Social Media Things

Megan McCafferty is adapting Sloppy Firsts into a play that will be performed by a Teen Performance Company and we are HERE FOR IT.

Following a bit of Riverdale fandom ship drama, Shannon Purser comes out on Twitter.

Miscellaneous Things

Hold on to your butts - Christmas is coming to Orlando's Harry Potter World.

Starbucks released an FYA-themed Frappucino! Just kidding, it's UNICORN! Mandy C. took one for the team and did a taste test.

These new Sailor Moon lipsticks change color.

University of Tennessee Knoxville is going to offer a class on Her Royal Highness Dolly Parton.

Even more proof The Rock is the best: He dresses up as Pikachu for his daughter, since it's her favorite character:

THE WAIT IS OVER. O-Town has released a new song!


Tell us how you're procrastinating (or what you thought of the Unicorn Frap) in the comments!

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