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YA Onscreen: THE X-FILES Is Coming Back For An Eleventh Season

The truth that's out there is that we'll be getting more X-Files in the 17-18 TV season, plus watch a promo for the latest movie to hate-watch, ABC's Dirty Dancing

YA Onscreen: THE X-FILES Is Coming Back For An Eleventh Season

Welcome back to YA Onscreen! Take a look at this week's TV and movie news:

Is Doctor Who going to finally have a Time-Lady?

Here's a list of Fall TV pilots

New trailer for the Kingsman sequel. Looks pretty fun!

Two new character descriptions for Season 2 Luke Cage

Shadowhunters gets an official season three order from Freeform. 

20th Century Fox announces the 2018 release dates for Deadpool 2New Mutants, and Dark Phoenix.

And if anyone still cares by the time 2020 rolls around, Fox also announced the next four Avatar movies

A helpful recap of the first few seasons of Twin Peaks to get you primed:

The X-Files is coming back for an eleventh season with ten new episodes!

Joss Whedon wants to cast an unknown for the role in his upcoming Batgirl movie. 

Check out the first promo for ABC's Dirty Dancing remake. I found this bit from the article...interesting: "With a new cast, the movie will dive deeper into the original characters, showing their progression — including what happens to Baby and Johnny after the summer, Jake and Marjorie Houseman’s relationship, and Lisa’s life goals — while also tackling social topics in the country at that time, such as race and women’s rights."

Reviews are coming out for the soon-to-be-released Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and it's looking good.

Riverdale adds Mark Consuelos as Veronica's Dad for Season Two.

Don't click this link if you haven't watched the last episode of Famous in Love and don't want to know who was shot (I don't recall this from the book at all?)

Supergirl casts Mark Gibbon as the infamous General Zod in an upcoming episode.

Heath Ledger's family has released a documentary about him that clears up those Joker rumors surrounding his death.

That's it for the week! Hit us up in the comments about what Fall pilot you think has the most promise.

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