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THE ORIGINALS 4x6: Bag Of Cobras

How do you celebrate a fake truce? With a fake party, obviously.

THE ORIGINALS 4x6: Bag Of Cobras

Previously on The Originals: Marcel stabbed Klaus with a magical blade. Freya and Keelin grew closer. The Hollow wants Marcel and Klaus to kill each other, so it can absorb their power. Freya magically bound Marcel. Sofya and her witch have a weapon that can kill an original vampire.

The Original Dysfunctional Family Drama

Vincent has a big ol’ crazy murder board to track the patterns of previous rituals that might have involved The Hollow. Elijah visits, and admits that they have Marcel locked away, until they can determine how much influence The Hollow has over him. Vincent explains that The Hollow is a dark spirit that tried to sacrifice the kidnapped children, and then Marcel and Klaus, as a means to get back into this world. Elijah thinks someone will know more, and wants Vincent to help him find them.

Klaus is finally getting the compound all cleaned up so they can throw a party, for all of the city’s most influential creatures. It’s to be “co-hosted” by Marcel, in honor of their “truce,” but really Klaus is using it as a way to try to weed out those in league with The Hollow. Elijah convinces Klaus that he should avoid violence at the party, so as not to unleash the monster, and ruin Hope’s adoration of him. He insists that he’ll deal with an threats against their family.

Hayley has Freya do a magical reading, to find out more about the man who killed her parents, and how he was connected to The Hollow. In the vision, Hayley sees that right before he was murdered, her father dropped a key under the house’s floorboard, for a storage unit. When they go to see what’s in it, the door has been sealed with a spell, that Freya undoes. The space appears to be filled with her family’s belongings, and souvenirs of her childhood, including a human jaw bone in her old teddy bear. YIKES.

Sofya forces Josh to take her as his plus one to the Mikaelson party. When she arrives, Klaus introduces himself, and they share a dance filled with threats and sexual tension, where she reveals that the ugly bracelet she’s wearing can kill him. She claims to have a lot more where that came from, and that if he kills her, The Hollow’s followers will still come for him and his family. Klaus tries to make a deal to get her to expose The Hollow’s allies, in exchange for her life, and Marcel’s release. She complies, and he says he’ll release Marcel once The Hollow has been dealt with. When he wants to know why she hates him so much, Sofya tells Klaus her massacred her entire family at a wedding feast 500 years ago. Yep, that sounds like him.

Elijah tells their assembled party guests that Marcel is fashionably late to the party, and Klaus adds that the family’s stay in New Orleans will be brief and peaceful. Vincent takes psychic energy from the party guests and uses it in a tarot reading to determine the viper in their midst is Sofya’s witch ally, Dominic. He brings bodyguards when meeting with Elijah. Vincent calls him out as the High Priest of The Hollow. Dominic taunts Vincent about his dead wife, which leads to a witch brawl, and Elijah sends Vincent away. Dominic tries to make a deal. The Hollow wants a sacrifice, but it doesn’t have to be children. Marcel or Vincent will do. When Elijah doesn’t want to negotiate, Dominic threatens his family. Elijah takes him out to the landing, announces to the party guests that Dominic is an agent of The Hollow, then rips his heart out as a warning. Klaus is pissed that Elijah killed Dominic before determining if they collected all the weapons that can be used against them. Elijah tells him that they did learn The Hollow wants to be reborn, and its sacrifices come in fours. Hayley arrives and tells them she thinks it’s also looking for four items, because her parents died to protect the one she found in her teddy bear. They then realize that the magical bone knife from Klaus’ safe has been stolen, and The Hollow’s followers are trying to raise a witch that’s going to come for them all. We see that they’ve already raised Dominic.

Holy Fang

The Hollow was responsible for the Axeman of New Orleans! Does the My Favorite Murder podcast know about this?

Freya and Keelin are now drinking buddies! I am INTO it.

Josh and Sofya now know for sure that Marcel is in the dungeon, and cloaked by a spell. What do we bet a prison break is in the works?

Winners and Losers

Winner: Dominic. This bastard gets his heart ripped out, but is back to being imbued with dark magic by the end of the night. I’m really over this guy.

Loser: These folks. Allll still in danger and such. Maybe they really should have left town.

Original Snark

“It is outrageous. Where is that young man’s sense of courtesy?” Elijah Mikaelson: Expert on Vampire Etiquette.

“So you’re throwing a fake party, in honor of a fake truce, and your guest of honor is in a dungeon?” Hayley really gets Klaus.

“Hi, creepy. You know normal people, like, knock?” Did Josh go to Elijah’s school for manners?

“Our suspect is a hanged magician with a penchant for collecting swords?” Klaus doesn’t have time for your tarot nonsense.

“I grew up on a Viking farm. I’m familiar with the scent of fertilizer.” That would be Elijah for “bullshit”.

Haunting Questions

- Anyone else wonder where they stashed Hope during the party? Does she have a vampire nanny?

- How is Sofya planning to get her revenge on Klaus?

- Vincent hates Freya for killing Davina, hates Klaus in general, and definitely doesn’t trust Elijah. How long can this alliance possibly last?

Don those party dresses, and join us in the comments!

Next week: Freya isn’t about to let Dominic and The Hollow get their hands on her brother.

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