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YA Onscreen: Can WONDER WOMAN Hit Big At The Box Office?

We ponder why Wonder Woman doesn't seem to have nearly half the ad budget as other superhero hits, plus TV cancellation news, spoilers, and more.

YA Onscreen: Can WONDER WOMAN Hit Big At The Box Office?

Welcome to another week of YA Onscreen! It's a slow news week around these parts, but that doesn't make some of this news any less heavy.

Did everyone enter in the Everything, Everything giveaway that is going on RIGHT NOW? Good.

Sad news for Sweet/Vicious fans: it was officially cancelled

Has anyone watched Girlboss yet? If you have and you enjoyed it, then check out this Fug Girls interview with the costume designer. 

Anne Rice reflects on her upcoming Vampire Chronicles TV series.

Who is exiting the Arrowverse at the end of this season? Click here to be spoiled. 

Where is the big marketing push for Wonder Woman? You couldn't get away from the promo materials for things like Thor or Guardians of the Galaxy, but I wonder if most people could even tell you in what month the movie will be released. 

Grant Gustin, the titular character in The Flash, recenlty got engaged to his longtime girlfriend

Despite the controversy, many people are certain that 13 Reasons Why will be getting a second season. Selena Gomez, one of the show's executive producers, shared her own thoughts on why she feels this is a powerful show.

Stranger Things season two will have even more horror in it. I think most of us are okay with that.

More bummer: Pitch has also been cancelled after one season.

That's it for the week! Let us know what we may have missed in the comments below.


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