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RIVERDALE Chapter 12: Anatomy Of A Murder

With one episode to go in its first season, we learn who killed Jason Blossom. 

RIVERDALE Chapter 12: Anatomy Of A Murder

Previously, on RiverdaleJughead has the worst homecoming ever, right after his worst birthday ever. Poor Juggie. 

The Rundown: Riverdale pulls one over on all of us by solving Jason Blossom's murder in the penultimate episode of the season! Of course, there is still plenty of mystery left to solve. 

The Teens And The Grownups

Everyone's working together to solve Jason's murder now, and when Riverdale's citizens put their heads together, shit gets done. At first, the Scoobies discover plenty more evidence that supports the idea that FP killed Jason, and that Hiram Lodge paid him to do so, leaving both Juggie and Veronica devastated - but mostly Juggie. FP even confesses to the murder, but of course we discover he only did so to protect Jughead. Slowly, through a series of reveals each more thrilling than the last, and thanks mostly to Betty's intrepid genius, they find the security footage of Jason's murder - by the hand of his own father.

Why? Well, it's not thanks to the super nuts revelation that the Coopers used to be Blossoms, meaning that Polly and Jason were related, because that strangely does not seem to bother Clifford or Penelope Blossom, though the Coopers are sure skeeved the hell out about it. No, we don't know why Clifford committed filicide, and he hangs himself before anyone can get answers. 

The Clues

Too many to name, but isn't it exciting when the kids find Jason's jacket, and Betty searches the pockets and finds the thumb drive in the lining? I'm in awe of that girl. Everyone is, actually. 

At the Chock'lit Shoppe

Jughead spends the first part of the episode attempting to run away from his troubles, but of course his friends aren't going to let him. (And how heartbreaking is it that his mom tells him not to come to Toledo?) Somehow Betty and Archie search everywhere except Pop's diner, but Veronica immediately tells them what's up. How is that not the first place you look for a missing Jughead Jones? 


Poor Cheryl

If this is how she reacts when she thinks Jughead’s father killed Jason, how’s she going to handle the news that it was her own dad? 

Poor Betty

Poor Kevin

He has to say goodbye to Joaquin, but not without one hell of a kiss. 

A Fine Line

Alice cracks me up when she snaps, "Sorry to interrupt the witching hour at Thorn Hill!" 

Another Time Alice Cracked Me Up

One day, I hope to use a gun to shush someone. 

Outfit MVP

I love Veronica’s silky sleepwear.

What's Coming

The season finale! 

Burning Questions

WHY did Clifford Blossom kill his own son? How long will FP be stuck in jail for confessing to a crime he didn't commit? (And, okay, for hiding a body.) And what will next season's mystery be? I have a feeling we'll find out next week. 

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