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THE ORIGINALS 4x7: High Water And A Devil’s Daughter

Everyone is trying to stop The Hollow, but have they tried asking the smartest person in the room? (Hint: It's the 7 year-old.)

THE ORIGINALS 4x7: High Water And A Devil’s Daughter

Previously on The Originals: Josh and Sofya figured out Marcel is locked in Klaus’ dungeon. Dominic was outed as the High Priest of The Hollow, and Elijah killed him. Keelin and Freya grew closer. Dominic was brought back to life via witchy ritual.

The Original Dysfunctional Family Drama

Klaus lectures Elijah about killing Dominic before they learned everything they need to know. Since the disciples of The Hollow have the means to kill them, Elijah thinks the family should remain confined to the compound, surrounded by a barrier spell. Elijah and Vincent plot a way to defeat The Hollow. Vincent is unwilling to perform the spell he knows would work, The Harvest ritual. Elijah steals the ritual blade when Vincent isn’t looking, and kills four French Quarter witches with it, as a way to force Vincent to perform the rest of the spell, so the girls can be resurrected. Vincent is understandably horrified. The ritual doesn’t go well because the ancestors are angry at the what Elijah and Vincent have done. They break Elijah’s neck. In a panic, Vincent takes Davina’s skull from her crypt to use her as the link to finish the ritual. Vincent made Davina the keeper of all the ancestral magic in the city.

Hope reads creepy rhymes up in the dusty attic, like witch children are prone to do. When Klaus goes to drag her away from there, we see that she’s been looking through Marcel’s childhood belongings. Klaus thinks Hope won’t be bored once she learns to hone her magic and becomes an all-powerful, worshipped witch. Hayley explains that Hope doesn’t want to be worshipped, she just wants friends. Hope sneaks down to the dungeon and takes Marcel one of his old toy soldiers. He tries to talk her into stealing some of Klaus’ blood stash, but she doesn’t fall for it. Meanwhile, Hayley tries to help Klaus get through a little of his PTSD from being trapped in the dungeon, starving, for years. Hope wants to know why Marcel hates Klaus, and he explains that he wants to hate Klaus, but it’s too hard to hate someone you loved for so long.

Keelin reveals she’s job-hunting in New Orleans. Freya is obviously glad to hear she’s staying and they make a date for a midnight drink. Freya finds out Dominic is still alive and drafts Josh into helping her with a spell. She disguises him as Marcel, in an attempt to lure Dominic into a spelled circle trap. It works, and she tries to get some answers about The Hollow. But he tells her he’s sent killers after Keelin. He manages to get out of the circle and kill Freya. When Keelin escapes her assassins and shows up at the bar, Josh directs her to his place, where she’s able to revive Freya. But when they go to the compound and find Klaus and Hope missing, Freya freaks and tells Keelin to get out. Later, Freya tells her she can’t afford to care about someone and make mistakes with her family’s safety. Keelin tells her she’s the reason she decided to stay in New Orleans, and they finally kiss.

Freya’s brief death breaks the boundary spell and Dominic and his henchmen are able to enter the compound, and take out Hayley. Klaus fights them off, but he’s outnumbered. Hope takes off her bracelet and is going to go help, but Marcel convinces her to let him out of the circle so that he can help. She’s reluctant, but he tells her they’re family and Hope knows all about Always and Forever. When Klaus makes it down to the dungeon, all he finds are some drained Hollow disciples, and Hope’s bracelet. He finds them outside the compound, where Hope tells him that Marcel kept her safe. Later, Klaus goes to visit Marcel, after finding out that he spared Hope from seeing horrors, by telling her to close her eyes and sing, something Klaus used to tell young Marcel. Klaus proposes that in order for them all to survive The Hollow, that they are going to have to work together.

Sofya is still in league with Dominic. But due to her wanting to rescue Marcel, they no longer share a common goal, so he stabbed her with the magical bone knife in the creepy old haunted house. When she wakes, The Hollow decides to hide inside her. EEK.

Holy Fang

OF COURSE, Hayley’s precious family belongings would include Guns n Roses records.

Marcel and Hope finally meet again!

Josh as Marcel! An embarrassment of riches indeed.

Freya and Keelin, FINALLY GET IT.

A Klaus and Marcel truce! They never last long, but I enjoy them just the same.

Winners and Losers

Winner: Marcel. He’s out of Klaus’ dungeon, and they’re going to try to work together against The Hollow. Also, he’s Hope’s new bestie, and I looove it.

Loser: Elijah. His bet on the ritual pays off, but the dude is definitely losing some of his humanity. I doubt Hayley would be thrilled about what he did to try to save them.

Original Snark

“Ugh. O positive. You heathen.” Is it weird that I’m upset that Elijah doesn’t appreciate my blood type?

“I’ve seen no evidence that your Uncle Elijah doesn’t sleep here, hanging upside down.” Seriously, Klaus? I don't think children need to find Elijah MORE frightening.

“I need a vampire to do a spell. You just volunteered.”
“Riiight. So, let’s see. You threw my best friend into a supernatural hell world, but sure, let me bend over backwards to do you a favor.” I would not argue over more Freya/Josh scenes.

“I’m seven, not stupid.” #TeamHope

“Hey Freya, I was just thinking. Let’s never hang out again. Ever.” Josh as Marcel is my new favorite thing.

Haunting Questions

- I think Vincent has about had it with Elijah, and when this Hollow threat is over, do we think he’ll try to put him down?

- Have the Mikaelsons thought about looking into a bulk discount on much-needed therapy?

- Doesn’t it seem like the show is setting it up to bring Davina back? Oh hey! And there she is in next week’s promo! I’m so excited for Josh.

Next episode: Davina is back! Hayley might hold the key to stopping The Hollow. ALARIC!

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