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IZOMBIE 3x6: Some Like It Hot Mess

Hashtag revelations!

IZOMBIE 3x6: Some Like It Hot Mess

Previously, on iZombie: Liv eats the brains of a dominatrix to solve a murder, and Major gets injured while on a mercenary mission, and the only cure is … the cure.

Grey Matters

Major wakes up human, and—while enjoying the hell out of some human food—shows that his memory is intact, at least so far. But he starts slipping pretty quickly, even as he fights to hold onto his memories. The struggle leads him to Walla Walla, where he visits his Mom and his mom’s wife. He calls Liv from there, assuring her that he’s OK, and that his memory is back.

GIFs via hoodiekunoichi.tumblr.com

Liv heads meet Clive and Ravi at the site of the murder of Yvonne Fallon, grocery clerk and “hot mess club girl.” After eating the brain, Liv immediately becomes a mess herself, going so far as to lose her phone inside the dead girl’s body. Clive and Liv do some investigating at the grocery store, which leads to a club Yvonne used to DJ at, and the woman who slapped Yvonne—who just so happens to also be the wife of the club owner. Liv gets a vision showing Joel get made at Yvonne for sleeping with the club owner; she and Clive question him and learn that she needed $1,000. Another vision leads them to a pawn shop, where Yvonne sold a signed baseball for that same amount. Turns out, the baseball belonged to Yvonne’s roommate Barb’s grandfather, and Barb killed her in anger.

At the Scratching Post, Don E. gets a proposition from a patron: he’ll get $1,000,000 if he can procure a cure. Don runs to Ravi to try to cut a deal—for MUCH lower than the actual price, natch—and suggests to Ravi that Blaine is faking the memory loss. Peyton shows up at the morgue, looking for some files, and Ravi can’t help himself but tell her what Don E. said. She’s understandably wary, and is pissed when Blaine reveals that it’s actually the truth. He remembers everything.

After Major’s call, Liv, Ravi and Peyton head to the morgue to grab the rest of the cure. There they find a crime scene, however, and the syringes missing. They hold onto the hope that one syringe is left, the one Ravi gave Major just in case, but are pretty devastated to find that he gave it away.

Brain Melt

- That look on Blaine’s face after Peyton confronted him with Ravi’s “conspiracy theory.” (And the suspenseful music playing the background.)

- Followed directly by Blaine’s admission that he’s been LYING!

- Major’s OK!

- But the cure is gone.

Winners and Chewsers

Winner: Major. He’s human again! With a fully functioning memory!

Loser: Liv. Not only did she have to ride out a seriously obnoxious brain, but also she got her hopes up about the cure only to have them dashed to tiny pieces.

Words With a Bite

“OK. I’m glad you’re human and are again able to experience the concept of flavor, but could we at least dial down the noises?”—Ravi

“That went on forever. Were you having sex with Sting, or …”—Peyton

“Hashtag my kinda cool bitch!”—Liv

“I remember girl talk being more fun.”—Major

“I was doing the science thing, but …”—Liv

GIFs via livtheizombie.tumblr.com

“As long as he doesn’t speak in third person like Good Old Major used to do.”—Liv
“Yeah, Good Old Major was pretentious like that.”—Major

“No side effects, aside from a couple days of memory loss. I heard it straight from the horse’s ass’s mouth.”—Peyton

Picking Your Brain

- Not a question, but congrats to all of us who called Blaine being a total liar!

- What’s Blaine going to do now that everyone knows? Did he steal the cure, or was it Don E. (Or someone else?)

- How are Liv and Major going to make things work with her still being a zombie?

- Why, again, can’t Ravi whip up more cure?

Let’s discuss in the comments!


Next episode: “Dirt Nap Time.” Blaine better watch his back!


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