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The 100 4x11: The Other Side

This episode is brought to you by Trainspotting. Choose life!

The 100 4x11: The Other Side

Previously: Octavia freaking WINS the Grounder Hunger Games, Roan may have died, Ilian and Luna definitely die, and Clarke and Jaha steal the bunker to save their people. Not cool, guys. Not cool.

Well, it appears that the show saved up all of its major deaths for the last few episodes, although the one this week was nooooo surprise. Jasper, I wish I could say that I'll miss you but... instead I'll just post this gif in tribute:

Now that guy, that guy I will miss.


Turns out, Jaha and Clarke did try to rescue Octavia and Kane along with Bellamy, but they only managed to snatch Bells, who is SUPER P.O.ed about the fact that his sister might still be alive above ground. His rage levels turn to eleven when Octavia radios in and tells them that not only is she alive, she won the conclave, and she promised each clan 100 spots in the bunker. Clarke's face in that moment is, like, the definition of OH F*CK. Jaha refuses to open the door, which he and Clarke believe will jeopardize the future of the human race, so they lock Bellamy up. Clarke's face in that moment is like, the definition of OH F*CK TO INFINITY. To insure that no one lets Bellamy out, Clarke stations Murphy on guard duty, but Abby comes to the rescue and helps Bellamy escape so they can open the hatch together. Clarke tries to stop Bellamy at the last second by shooting at him (!!!) but when it comes to the kill shot, she can't pull the trigger, so the bunker is now open to the people of all clans... except for Echo, who is banished by Octavia. THANKS GIRL.

Meanwhile, Raven's trying to build a better suit for her final space walk when Sinclair shows up! (In her mind, just like Becca.) He urges Raven to choose life over death and helps her figure out a way to purge the code by restarting her brain AND her heart. There's a lot of medical blah blah blah but basically Raven ends up stopping her heart in an ice bath and then restarting it and SAVING HER OWN DAMN LIFE. BECAUSE SHE IS AN INSANE BADASS.

Over at Arkadia, Monty (wearing a radiation suit, like the responsible dude that he is) still hasn't thrown in the towel on convincing the Party Til We Die crew to flee to safety in Polis with him. Harper tells him that she doesn't love him, but it's obviously just a ploy to get him to leave her and save himself. Thankfully, she has a change of heart and decides not to take a lethal dose of drugs like everyone else, including Jasper, who dies in Monty's arms.

The episode ends with Skaikru facing an impossible decision: how do they choose their 100 survivors? I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE, WRITERS.


- Sinclair telling Raven that, "the Raven Reyes I know doesn't quit. She keeps fighting." Sinclair makes the best guardian angel ever.

- Jasper's Earth Day 2052 shirt. Vintage!

- Echo buying into Octavia's plan to wait for Bellamy to open the door, because his love for his sister is THAT powerful.

- When Abby knocked Jaha out as he was trying to manipulate her. Sucker!!!


GIFs via boberly

- And then Bellamy opening the door!!! And hugging Octavia!!!

- Jasper dying as Monty finally says, "I love you."


- Octavia tricking Echo and leaving her to die above ground. ALL HAIL SKAIRIPPA.

- Jasper's crew pulling a Heaven's Gate!

- Harper not pulling a Heaven's Gate!!

- Raven defibrillating herself! And surviving!!!!! I mean, I've seen Raven go through a lot but this is next level BAMFery.




"You know what? I must have missed the election that made you Chancellor again." - Bellamy, speaking for all of us to Jaha.

"Yesterday, we were right. Today, we have to live with being wrong." - Clarke, the Commander of Guilt.

"We need to put someone on his door that wants to survive more than be liked." - Jaha, trying to determine a guard for Bellamy.
"I think I know someone like that." - Clarke, eliciting a "Hell yeah, Murphy!" from me.

"Need a selfish bastard? I'm your man." - Murphy, the man for the job.

"But with me in her brain, she's DaVinci, Einstein, Mozart." - Becca, being terribly ALL-E about Raven.
"And I choose Raven Reyes over those three hacks any day and twice on Sunday." - Sinclair, being awesomely Sinclair about Raven.

"You know what else is a waste of my talent? Dying." - Raven, sounding a lot like the girl we've been missing.



- Now that we got a little more insight into her decision, did Clarke's reasoning for stealing the bunker seem more justified to you or not?

- Would Jasper's death have made more of an impact if he had committed suicide at the end of last season, as the writers initially intended? (I say yes.)

- Abby's still going to die due to the whole brain thing, isn't she?

- Is Raven going to make it back to the bunker?! SHE BETTER. I mean, I care about Monty and Harper too but RAVEN.

Join me in the comments to offer condolences on Jasper's death and speculate on who will be chosen as a member of The 100 2.0!

Next episode: "The Chosen." Who will win big in the lottery?


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