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THE ORIGINALS 4x8: Voodoo In My Blood

Dem bones, dem bones gonna walk around.

THE ORIGINALS 4x8: Voodoo In My Blood

Previously on The Originals: Sofya obtained a weapon that can kill an Original. Vincent used Davina’s spirit to restore the link to the ancestors. Hayley has one of the bones necessary to The Hollow’s ritual. Dominic has one of the others, and a remaining piece belonged to Tyler Lockwood’s family. The Hollow hid itself inside Sofya.

The Original Dysfunctional Family Drama

Flashback to Native American ritual, circa 500 A.D. (I’m sure this is all super legit.) Scary paranormal stuff happened. In present day, Hope is getting whispery warning messages from the witch ancestors. Klaus harasses Alaric via phone to hurry his ass up, getting the creepy bone from the Lockwood estate up to NOLA, ASAP. Klaus sends Elijah to meet up with Ric, to retrieve the bone.

Elijah doesn’t want Hayley to go deal with the witches, but she’s kind of pissy about the murdery way he dealt with them last week. (Fair enough.) Even Klaus is preaching that they need to let Marcel help them because he’s the enemy of their enemy. Marcel marshals his troops to track down the remaining bones they need. Sofya arrives, not quite acting like herself, but Marcel is too distracted by her innuendo to notice.

Klaus and Hayley go to speak with the ancestors, via the Harvest girls. The girls do a blood ritual to transport Klaus and Hayley to a mystical meeting with Davina in the spirit world. She tells them The Hollow began 1000 years before the city was created, when two rival tribes combined their power, by an arranged marriage. The tribe imbued the resulting child with magic. That baby, Inadu, became insatiably power hungry, and unkillable. Davina tells them that Hayley is The Hollow’s weakness, and then transports Hayley and herself elsewhere. Davina continues with the story: the old tribes united to defeat The Hollow and imbued their magic into an axe, and relied on Inadu’s mother to wield it, which helped create the werewolf curse, of which, Hayley bears the crescent mark. Inadu’s bones were distributed to the four tribes, with the instructions to keep them apart forever. Davina sends Hayley after The Hollow, while keeping Klaus as sacrifice.

Elijah offers Marcel the all powerful dagger, in exchange for Marcel’s cooperation in going to meet with Ric. But Marcel won’t forgive Elijah for the whole heart-ripping thing, and Elijah admits to not forgiving himself, either. While those two bicker, Sofya shows up on the road to stop Ric from making the meet. Luckily, he loaded his trunk full of C4 and blows her up. Elijah and Marcel show up after the fact, so at least now Marcel knows The Hollow is using Sofya. Ric has a lead on where the other bones might be, and Marcel and Elijah head to a crypt in Treme and retrieve a bone, but then squabble over which of them is going to hold on to it. But Sofya has followed them there. Hayley arrives, and stabs Sofya with a knife coated in her blood. It doesn’t work, because the sacrifice of an immortal is also required. After Sofya leaves, Hayley realizes what Davina is keeping Klaus for. They go to rescue him, and Elijah volunteers himself for the sacrifice and to appease Davina’s vengeance. But Hope, having had a premonition or something, shows up to do magical battle with Davina, and protect her family. She easily banishes Davina back to the spirit realm.

Hayley reads Elijah the riot act for promising her a future, and then offering himself up as sacrifice. He promises to take her to his happy place, a little village in France, when all of this is over. She wants him to start making things right, by giving the magical dagger to Marcel, as agreed upon. Marcel gives a heartfelt apology at Davina’s crypt. Elijah takes the dagger to Marcel’s penthouse, where’s he’s stabbed by Sofya’s magical weapon.

Holy Fang

Hi, Alaric! I’m glad you’re still alive.

Is this last we’ve seen of Davina? Josh didn't even get a reunion!

Damn, Marcel, using Always and Forever against Elijah. Smart move.

Ric and the Littlest Mikaelson!

Winners and Losers

Winner: Hope. Last week, I joked that nobody had consulted the smartest person in the room. But honestly, given her natural ability with magic, it does seem possible that she could take care of this little Hollow problem.

Loser: Elijah. The dude isn’t having a good month. He’s constantly on the verge of an existential crisis, and now he’s a prisoner of the very tedious Sofya. And HE BETTER BE OKAY, SHOW.

Original Snark

“Easy, Klaus. The only reason I’m headed your way is cause I don’t want you anywhere near Mystic Falls. Things tend to get murdery when you’re around.” Suuure, that’s the only reason, Ric.

“I’m gonna be a perfect gentleman. And should any of her suitors fail to meet my expectations, I’ll compel them to the priesthood.” Poor Hope is never gonna have a boyfriend.

“Yeah, some other guy called dibs, and he’s a real jerk.” Ric’s loyalty is very practical.

GIF via justfangstvdto.tumblr.com

Haunting Questions

- How did Hope find her way to the church? She’s 7.

- Ric gives his recruitment spiel, in hopes that Klaus decides to send Hope to Mystic Falls Academy. Would you watch that show?

- If Elijah’s atonement arc requires him to be a sacrifice, I AM OUT. What about you?

Next episode: Sofya tortures Elijah, while Klaus, Hayley, and Marcel attempt to save him.

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