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YA Onscreen: Is It Fall 2017 Yet?

Plus: TV upfront news, superhero adaptations galore, and more.

YA Onscreen: Is It Fall 2017 Yet?

Welcome back to YA Onscreen. It's TV upfront week, so there's plenty of TV news to discuss. To the links!

The latest on network TV renewals and cancellations. Hooray for most of The CW shows and Timeless, which was un-cancelled; pour one out for Pitch and The Catch (only one of which is about baseball, but see what I did there?).

Also in renewal news, American Gods is coming back for for Season 2.

For the unlucky couple of CW cancellations, epilogues have been released for Frequency and No Tomorrow... but not for international viewers, HMMPH.

Season 1 just finished airing, but it's never too early to look ahead to Riverdale's second season: new Reggie, more Kevin, and do better by your black female characters, please?!

In The 100 news, one character won't be a series regular in the fifth season, and another actor has been cast in a whitewashed non-fiction role. (Again?! Still?! FFS, Hollywood.)

Tons of Twin Peaks stuff, in anticipation of Sunday's premiere: new tidbits, new photos, and new trailer.

Speaking of TV trailers, here's a bunch of them for Fox's fall sched, incl. The Resident with Matt Czuchry and Emily VanCamp (!!!); Ghosted, "an X-Files-ish comedy" with Adam Scott; and The Gifted, an X-Men TV series.

Yes, it's been out for nearly two months now (aka ancient times in the internet age), but the thinkpieces keep on coming: "13 Reasons Why Makes A Smarmy Spectacle Of Suicide".

George R.R. Martin addresses those potential Game of Throne spinoff shows.

Have pop culture zombies reached oversaturation yet? Because the Disney Channel's working on a zombie musical.

ABC is working on a Little Mermaid live musical.

A new poster, a new trailer (sort of), and a new clothing line for Wonder Woman.

The Chaos Walking movie begins filming this summer.

OH SHIZZ -- both Stark girls are mutants?!?! Maisie Williams, along with Anya Taylor-Joy, is set to star in the X-Men spinoff movie, New Mutants. It's also promising that "Fox is making serious efforts to find ethnically appropriate actors, conducting wide searches for a Native American to play Moonstar and a South American for Sunspot." DO THE THING, FOX.

In random but not unwelcome news, Donald Glover and his brother, Stephen, will be the showrunners of an animated Deadpool TV show slated for 2018.

In 'Oh, This Is Still Happening' news, Walter Goggins has signed on for Maze Runner: The Death Cure. (Semi-related reminder that the fourth Divergent movie is also floating around out there somewhere, although nothing new to report on that front.)

A profile on The Rock, in which he discusses his political aspirations a lot. Look, a career in entertainment (or any other job!) shouldn't preclude anybody from entering politics, but CAN WE JUST have political newcomers who are willing to gain vital experience in government first, rather than only going POTUS or bust?

Want to turn this fan-made Gilmore Girls LEGO set into a reality? ROCK THE VOTE, Y'ALL.

Spotted last night: Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants reunion!

Kylo is one of the fastest rising baby names in the U.S. UMMMMM, those parents are aware of Kylo Ren's relationship with his own family, right?

A roundtable of writers -- incl. the Fug Girls! -- on why the 1980s Anne of Green Gables is such a hard act to follow.

That's it for this week. Feel free to share your thoughts on these or any links we may have missed in the comments below!

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