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IZOMBIE 3x7: Dirt Nap Time

Team Z tackles The Case of the Missing Cure.

IZOMBIE 3x7: Dirt Nap Time

Previously, on iZombie: Peyton is prosecuting the dominatrix case from a couple weeks ago. Everybody finds out Blaine has been lying about having amnesia. Major is human, with all of his memories intact. Liv is ready to take the cure, too, but they’re all stolen from Ravi’s lab. Major unwittingly gave the only other cure to Natalie.

Grey Matters

Liv is pretty understanding about Major having giving away the last cure dose, since this all Blaine’s fault anyway. Ravi points out that the thief could be Don E. since he had previously offered $50k for a dose. Liv shows up outside Blaine’s singing gig to take her anger out on him. He swears he didn’t take the doses, and he’s on the outs with Don E.

When Liv and Ravi show up to investigate the case of the week, Clive is visibly disappointed that Liv hasn’t been cured yet. Jamie Brennan, preschool teacher, has been found murdered in his home (with a nail gun! ICK.) after his girlfriend exposed him at school for cheating on her with a student’s mother. Liv eats some PB&J pinwheels to help solve the case. The school principal reveals that Jamie was having affairs with at least three of his students’ mothers. Piper, his girlfriend is the prime suspect, but another of the women Jamie was sleeping with, who claimed to be in an open relationship, was being followed by her husband’s private investigator, and admits her husband did the deed.

GIF via izombiesource.tumblr.com

Peyton deals with the case against Weckler, who’s in jail for killing the dominatrix. Weckler’s lawyer is replaced mid-plea deal, because someone is obviously trying to keep the missing blackmail memory card hidden. Later, Peyton hears Weckler hanged himself in his cell.

Major and Justin hang out while guarding former D.A./current mayoral candidate, Baracus. He’s disappointed in the lack of leads on the internet zombie stalkers. Justin figures out that Major is human again, and finds out the cure has been stolen. Major wants Justin to keep the secret, since he wants to stay at Fillmore-Graves. Major and his work buddies find their way to The Scratching Post. Right before Major will be exposed for not being able to pass the ghost pepper door challenge, Don E. shows up and welcomes him in. Justin asks permission to date Liv, and she takes him to The Scratching Post to interrogate Don E. But Don E. seems to be innocent of the cure theft. Major and Justin intercept the zombie killers headed to take out Baracus. They run over Justin, and then see him get up and come after them in full zombie mode. The guys get away, but not before getting the whole thing on dashcam.

Don E. takes his henchmen to harass Blaine, and rub it into his face that they’ve stolen away all his brain business - and Candy. Angus’ bouncer delivers a message from Blaine’s dad, which is a gunshot to the gut.

Brain Melt

 - Why does Jamie the womanizing preschool teacher still have a job?!

- Weckler’s lawyer is the shady boyfriend from the Jessica Chastain episode of Veronica Mars!

- Uh oh. Liv is going to end up having to eat Weckler brain on blue juice!

Winners and Chewsers

Winner: Angus. The unseen puppet master has a thriving new business, a dedicated business partner,and currently has the upper hand in his vendetta against his son. What do you bet he’s also in possession of the cure?

Loser: Blaine. He’s lost Peyton, he’s lost his customers, and Candy. And we’re left wondering if he even survived his dad’s assassin. (I’m not too worried on that count.) But how does he bounce back from this one?

Words With a Bite

“I mean, one nail in the head, could be a financial dispute. But the bonus 13 nails? Someone was irked.” - Liv

“Tina Majorino, time to clear those sinuses.” - Major’s work buddy

“Don E. runs a zombie bar? He doesn’t exactly give off a an upper management vibe.” - Ravi
“I’d say more of a ‘huffed paint at critical developmental stages’ vibe.” - Liv

“Maybe you should explain my boyfriend history to him.” - Liv
“It is sort of like being the drummer for Spinal Tap.” - Ravi

GIFs via rocktheholygrail.tumblr.com

“Hashtag I’m with her.” - Justin

Picking Your Brain

- How tired is Clive getting of Liv’s brain personalities? The puppets and stickers alone, who could blame him?

- Major and Liv seemed to have moved past their relationship drama pretty fast. Maybe TOO fast?

- How long can Major keep his secret from Fillmore-Graves? And how are they going to handle the dashcam wrinkle?

Let’s discuss in the comments!

Next episode: "Eat a Knievel." Liv eats stuntman brain.

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