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THE 100 4x12: The Chosen

The Reaping is here.

THE 100 4x12: The Chosen

Previously: Bellamy fights his way out of the bunker (Clarke breaking our hearts in the process); Raven chooses life; and Monty says goodbye to Jasper.


In the bunker under Polis, the chosen Grounders rustle up Skaikru and move them to the atrium, closing the bunker off until they decide who stays and who goes. Kane lets everyone know that they only have 100 spaces—80, minus “essential personnel” and kids under 16—and that they’ll be holding a lottery to decide who gets to live. When the worst of the Arkadians turn on Niylah, Octavia steps in and then they have one less spot to worry about filling. Only, Abby gives them the spot back when she tells Marcus that she’s sacrificing herself.

Along with a bunch of people we don’t know, Miller gets a spot in the lottery, but Hardy incites a riot before more names can be called. While everyone’s distracted, Jaha makes his move. Kane tries to talk him out of it … and is apparently successful, because when Octavia and the Grounders open the door to call time, they find everyone save Kane and Jaha gassed. Kane uses Clarke’s list, and with the Grounders’ help, takes everyone who’s not on it outside of the bunker. Abby included, her self-sacrificing wish be damned.

Clarke, Bellamy, Murphy and Emori suit up to go rescue Raven, who’s OF COURSE one of the essential personnel. Bellamy’s suspicious of Murphy, and rightly so: Murphy and Emori think their only chance of survival is the bunker on the island. Naturally, they’re ambushed by Grounders who want to take their suits, but Echo arrives in the nick of time to help them out. Also naturally, she’s got an ulterior motive: She wants a place in the island bunker.

When they notice that Emori’s suit is compromised, Murphy tries to take the one Echo’s wearing. However, Clarke, ever willing to sacrifice herself, takes off her helmet, testing her Nightblood in a trial by fire. She’s fine, at first, but she’s not completely immune to the radiation’s effects. Monty and Harper meet up with them, with a spare suit for Clarke (RIP, Jasper) and they all head to Becca’s lab.

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When the reach the bunker, they let Raven know that none of them will be going back to the bunker. Instead, they’ll be going up—back into space and back to the Ark.


- Octavia saves Niylah, shutting down the Arkadian douche bros.

- Miller’s Dad putting Miller’s name in the lottery instead of his own. HEART EYES.

- Bellamy’s face when Clarke pulls off her helmet.

- All of the Grounders deferring to Octavia.


- Death by rover! Ambush by pissed off Grounders!

- Kane’s face when he’s looking at all of the passed out Arkadians. HEART BROKEN.


Kane not only talked Jaha out of his insane plan to try to force the Grounders’ hand, but also took it on himself to cull Skaikru using Clarke’s list. I could feel his heart shattering through my TV screen. (Henry Ian Cusick can EMOTE.)


“Someone still needs to get Raven. I’d like to volunteer”—Bellamy.
“And I’ll join you.”—Clarke. YEAH you will.

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“We can’t all be essential personnel … or have sisters who are Queen of the Grounders.”— Murphy, always telling it like it is.

“I’m one of you? You made me hide under the floor. You floated my mother. I’m not hiding now.”—Octavia, being a BAMF and putting Jaha In. His. Place.

“Nothing is OK. Whatever choice I make, somebody always dies.”—Clarke
“Well … not shooting me? That was the right choice.”—Bellamy, giving Bellarku another minor moment to obsess over for the rest of time.

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“You saved me. And I don’t mean by just opening the door.”—Kane, taking Abby (and us) to Swoon City.

“My people. My responsibility.”—Octavia, being a Blake. (And a BAMF, obvs.)

“Algae salads and recycled urine. Sign me up.”—Murphy, being Murphy.


- Why the EFF is Jaha “essential personnel”?!

- So Monty and Harper are together, and Murphy and Emori … leaving Bellamy to quadruple up with Clarke, Raven and Echo, right? (I find it VERY interesting that he has history of some sort with all three of those women.)

- How are 8 people going to fit in that little rocket?

- Will Abby be OK?

- Will all those people left on the outside really die? I’m not the only one waiting for Clarke and Bellamy to somehow defeat Praimfaya, am I?

- Was that a Bellarke hug in the promo for the finale? (It was. IT WAS.)

GIFs via chatnoirs-baton.tumblr.com

I’m real nervous for next week, y’all.

Next episode: “Praimfaya.” The fire comes—along with the season finale!


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