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THE ORIGINALS 4x9: Queen Death

The Hollow demands a sacrifice, and her current choice is Elijah. WE WILL RIOT.

THE ORIGINALS 4x9: Queen Death

Previously on The Originals: Vincent had an unhealthy relationship with a creepy grimoire. The Hollow hid inside Sofya. Hayley learned The Hollow was part of the origin of the werewolf curse. Davina told Hayley she holds the key to ending this evil. Elijah took an olive branch to Marcel, but ended up trapped by Sofya.

The Original Dysfunctional Family Drama

The possessed Sofya holds Elijah hostage in a creepy bayou cabin. She’s waiting for the last of her bones, in order to use him (and his sire line) as a sacrifice, to bring her back to power. Vincent finds his church desecrated, and Maxine tells him they’ve been losing witches to The Hollow. It’s been promising them power over the vampires.

Hayley informs Klaus that Elijah is missing, and he goes to confront Marcel. But realizes quickly that he’s not responsible and it must be The Hollow that has Elijah. Vincent presents his plan to the Mikaelsons, which relies entirely upon the foregone sacrifice of Elijah, which they’re, surprisingly, not cool with. Freya invites Vincent to study her mother’s grimoires with her, in hopes of another option. They continue to disagree on method, because Vincent continues to insist that Elijah has lived a long time, and is a fair sacrifice. Freya decides she wants to try to imprison Elijah in a pendant, as they did with Finn, so that he can be the sacrifice, and still be resurrectable. But the magic is iffy. Klaus offers to be the sacrifice instead, to protect Elijah, and Hope. As part of their plan, Marcel offers Sofya/The Hollow the missing bone, in exchange for Sofya’s return. Right before Vincent is supposed to sacrifice Klaus in their ritual, the defected witches interrupt, threatening Maxine’s life. Freya rushes to perform her spell to try to get Elijah into the pendant. But it doesn’t seem to work. The pendant is destroyed, and Elijah appears to be a corpse. I WILL RIOT.

Klaus puts Elijah back in his coffin. Freya reassembles the pendant, but can’t assure Hayley and Klaus that Elijah’s soul is in there. They’re on the verge of losing their shizz. (As am I.) Hope wants  to help, and she’s able to channel some power through Freya that tells them Elijah might be in the pendant, but is also being tormented.

Vincent announces to the NOLA witches that The Hollow has achieved its goal. He urges them to seek safety outside the city. (They listen, which seems bonkers. Buh-bye, tons of witchy power.) Maxine leaves him with a protection talisman. Vincent gets his creepy journal back from Marcel, not that he’s sure he can resist its evil siren song this time. Marcel gives it to him, probably in hopes that it’ll bring Sofya back. In the bayou, some creepy young lady busts through a volcano-looking tree. So, The Hollow has her own meat suit now, I guess.

Holy Fang

Klaus adorably feeding Hope beignets and stories! And those hilariously huge piles of pastries? There are five people in this house, and two of them drink blood.

Freya and her precious romantic breakfast (with mimosas!) for Keelin! A+ girlfriending.

In the midst of this craziness, Keelin plays jacks with Hope! Do kids still play jacks? Probably only if their parents are older than electricity, and/or they’re supernaturally confined to a compound.

Vincent telling Klaus that he’s finally living up to the potential Cami saw in him? All the cry emojis.

Winners and Losers

Winner: The Hollow. Using Sofya as her vessel, and Davina as her exposition fairy, has not endeared this chick to me. Why do the vampire shows have such trouble with a compelling female villain?

Loser: Elijah. DAMN IT.

Original Snark

“Can we pretend for, say five seconds, that you don’t have to worry about dying today?” Keelin is still new.

“To what do I owe the displeasure?” Could Marcel be any more Mikaelson?

“I have a plan of my own. We find this thing, and its acolytes. We slaughter the lot of them, and stack their bodies into a monument, dedicated to those who would threaten my family.” I mean, that’s an option, too, Klaus.

“Please, Marcel, this is not a time to be sentimental. This is New Orleans. Toss a few beads, you’ll find another girl.” I would be offended, if Klaus weren’t talking about Sofya.

“I’m never wrong, I’m a doctor.” That’s adorable, Keelin. But Freya is 1000 years-old.

“Your girlfriend seems nice, for what it’s worth.” Aw. Klaus was actually being sincere, and I lost it.

Haunting Questions

- That’s A LOT of Marcel venom. Am I the only one with extraction questions?

- Who lights all the candles in the cemetery? I hope it’s done by magic. Otherwise, it must take some production assistant forevs.

- Do we understand why Marcel is so invested in getting Sofya back? I feel like they’ve spent more time telling us than showing us.

Let’s discuss in the the comments!

Next episode (June 2): Freya thinks Elijah’s mind shattered when the pendant did. She sends Hayley into unstable memories to find him.

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