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Mark Your Calendars For #YASummerShowdown 2017!

Year 4, and FYA's photo scavenger hunt competition is back for more!

Mark Your Calendars For #YASummerShowdown 2017!

Summer's just around the corner, which means so too is #YASummerShowdown! FYA's annual book club scavenger hunt is entering its fourth year of virtual and IRL YAngelism. You can check out how last year's Showdown played out in our recaps or over on Tumblr.

Submissions from the three highest-placed teams from #YASummerShowdown 2016! (Clockwise from top left: San Francisco, Little Rock, and Kansas City, KS)

The official start date for Showdown 2017 will be Monday, June 12th. This year's competition will span 7 weeks in total (only 4 of which will be for official gameplay, with the remaining weeks being more chill), ending on Sunday, July 30th.

If your FYA Book Club wants to participate, please choose a team captain (not necessarily the FYABC chapter leader) and have them contact us at! And if you don't have an FYABC near you, give us a shout anyway and we'll see if we can field a team of free agents or expand our team of junior gamemakers!

See y'all back here for the start of #YASummerShowdown on June 12th!

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