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YA Onscreen: Universal Is Making SALT TO THE SEA Into A Movie

Get ready to sob into your hankies when Salt to the Sea shows up in theaters, plus all-women screenings of Wonder Woman and deep thoughts on Zac Efron's biceps.

YA Onscreen: Universal Is Making SALT TO THE SEA Into A Movie

Welcome back this week's YA Onscreen. I hope everyone had a glorious Memorial Day weekend! Let's go to the news:

Universal won the rights to Ruta Sepetys' WWII novel, Salt to the Sea. No release dates have been mentioned, but we here at FYA will obviously be waiting impatiently for this one. Haven't read it yet? Check out Jennie's review to see what you're missing.

Red Nose Day was May 25 and even though it's about charity for others, NBC gave us a little look at what's been happening to our favorite Love Actually characters 14 years later in Red Nose Day Actually:

An indie production company has made a fan movie about Voldemort's journey from Hogwarts student to Dark Lord - but the more exciting part is that Warner Bros. has given their approval and the movie will actually be released at the end of this year! Check out their site to watch the trailer for Voldemort: Origins of the Heir.

What kind of Pretty Little Liar friend are you

Memorial Day is over, so for many that means summer has officially arrived (though for those of us in the South, summer made its presence known back in April) and joining the warm weather is the Summer TV schedule with more than 90 premieres and finales.

Some theaters are hosting women-only screenings of the new Wonder Woman movie, and, surprise surprise, this is causing a lot of ruckus on the interwebs.

During a comedy roundtable, Kevin Bacon dished on how he was told he wasn't f--kable enough to be in Footloose.

Is Zac Efron's Baywatch body...too much? How does this play into the growing trend of super-swoll actors? I'm inclined to agree with the author, especially in regards to Zac -- boy is adorable, but with so many muscles it occasionally looks like it's hard for him to move. 

How cute is this Stark family reunion? Now if it could only happen on screen during this upcoming season of Game of Thrones, we will be fulfilled.

Unlucky (season) 13 for Supernatural: Mark Sheppard won't be returning as a series regular.

Joss Whedon has been tagged to finish reshoots and post-production for Justice League after Zack Snyder withdrew for personal reasons.

Who here has had a burning desire to learn the identity of Jane the Virgin's narrator? Apparently they've given some hints, but if you're still confused, never fear: the creators do plan on ID'ing the voice at the end of the series. 

Shadowhunters returns on June 5 and we've got a sneak peek of the premiere.

That's it for the week. Let us know what we missed below!

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