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IZOMBIE 3x9: Twenty Sided Die

Long Live The Fellowship of the Dorks.

IZOMBIE 3x9: Twenty Sided Die

Previously, on iZombie: Peyton is prosecuting the dominatrix murder case, but confessed killer, Weckler, kills himself in jail. Vivian Stoll was killed in a helicopter explosion, and Chase Graves arrived to take over the zombie mercenary business. Blaine buried dear old Angus alive, in a well in the country. Zombie “truthers” seem to be killing zombies and Ravi goes undercover to one of their meetings.

Grey Matters

Harley Johns tells zombie stories to the attendees of the truther meeting at Wham Bams. The security guard from the Max Rager confirms everyone who left that building is now a zombie, including Floyd Baracus. Harley hands out zombie assignments, for the group to keep tabs on. The plan is to capture a zombie, starve it, and have film to broadcast to the world. Ravi decides to reveal his true identity to the group, and explain how contagious zombie scratches are, in an effort to dissuade them from trying to kidnap one. He convinces them to hold off on a kidnapping, because he’s working on a vaccine to protect humans from the zombie virus. Cute new recruit, Rachel, offers him a ride home.

In the case of the week: Jimmy the Sketch Bitch, and Vampire Steve, are attending their weekly Dungeons and Dragons meeting, when their dungeon master, Dan, appears to choke to death. Upon investigation, he was actually killed with a rare poison. It turns out all the dudes in the group had a thing for Zoe, the woman in their group, and she was sleeping with Dan. Clive and Liv find out Dan had a secret room, where he might have been hacking into Russian servers, so the FBI takes over the case, headed by Dale Bozzio. But who killed Dan?!

Major finds out that Ravi has been secretly hiding hate mail that people send to him, because of the whole Chaos Killer accusation. But amongst the threats and “burn in hell” letters, is a note from Shawna, who believes he’s innocent and tells him he can call her. He gets bored and lonely enough to do so, and the crazy woman shows up at a stranger’s house.

Blaine lets The Scratching Post employees know who’s now in charge. Then he reveals their new blue juice soaked product to Don E. and has Tanner take it for a trial run. He reports awesome and intense visions. Don E. has to try a little for himself. He goes on an intense World War II era trip. During their surveillance, Harley and his henchman know that all the Chaos Killer zombies have security details that hang out at The Scratching Post. And they abduct a wigged out, full zombie mode Don E. and want Ravi to tranquilize him.

Peyton talks to Weckler’s former psychiatrist, and finds out that he thought he was seeing the ghost of his former wife, and couldn’t have been using the services of a dominatrix, since he had no interest in sex, or doing anything his wife disapproved of. She tries to talk to Baracus about how fishy the whole thing is, but he wants her to drop it. Liv tells her that’s probably because he was a client. Like us, Peyton wants to know everything. Justin takes Liv to Floyd Baracus’ campaign fundraiser party, where she meets the super intense Chase Graves, who alternately berates her, and compliments her. The party gets interrupted when armed men shoot up the place, and Liv barely manages to talk Floyd out of going full zombie.

Brain Melt

- Jimmy’s dominatrix sketch of Liv!

- I'm gonna need the gang to play D&D together every week! Clive needs it, too.

- Clive telling Dale he’s lost without her. All the cry emojis.

- Blaine feeding his dad a proctologist’s brain. HAHAHA

- UH OH. Mr. Boss is back!

Winners and Chewsers

Winner: Liv. Just for not being on jackass brain, alone. But things are going pretty swell with her love life right now. Maybe a little too swell, show. But I’m not bitter.

Loser: Clive. He poured his heart out to Dale, but it doesn’t seem like she’ll ever trust him again. C’mon, Dale! At least he was sort of right about Major.

Words With a Bite

“Do I look like a nerd?” - Ravi

“I can’t believe grown adults play this for hours at a time.” - Clive

“And how did you meet your untimely demise?” - Liv

GIF via www.izombiesource.tumblr.com

“Let me get this straight. So, we can go and find Castle What’s His Nuts, fight that thing, come back, and we’ll get rewarded by this little old lady. Or, we could just tie up this little old lady, and the game could be won now.” - Peyton

GIF via www.misomeru.tumblr.com

“What say you, Fellowship of the Dorks?” - Liv

“Oh, white people.” - Clive

“You were right about Major Lillywhite not being a mass murderer. Turns out he was just a mass kidnapper.” - Dale

Picking Your Brain

- Liv and Justin being gooey in front of Major. DO NOT WANT. I know that’s not a question. I don’t care.

- I have a hard time believing Major would be so lonely. Would you date a mass kidnapper if he looked like Major Lillywhite? And do we think Shawna is legit?

- Who shot up Baracus’ party?

- What the hell is Ravi going to do about Don E.?

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Next episode: "Return of the Dead Guy" Liv on dominatrix blue juice brain sees the ghost of dearly departed Drake!


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