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THE ORIGINALS 4x10: Phantomesque

Murder and Mayhem: A Mikaelson Family Reunion.

THE ORIGINALS 4x10: Phantomesque

Previously on The Originals: The Hollow-possessed Sofya stabbed Elijah with her magical weapon. Klaus and Marcel banded together against The Hollow threat, but Marcel doesn’t want Sofya to be collateral damage. Freya tried to trap Elijah’s soul in a magic pendant, in order to fulfill The Hollow’s need for sacrifice, while keeping him alive. She succeeded, but Elijah is in some existential hellscape. 

The Original Dysfunctional Family Drama

Rebekah and Kol are partying it up in the French Riviera, when vampires start collapsing in a nightclub. They realize this means something is wrong with Elijah, since they’re from his sire line. They fly home immediately. Freya is trying to rescue Elijah’s soul from the pendant, but since it was shattered during the ritual, it means his mind very well is, too.

Josh breaks it to Marcel that according to Vincent, now that The Hollow has abandoned that skin suit, the only way to save Sofya, is to steal some of The Hollow’s blood. Josh suggests Marcel get help from the Mikaelsons, but nope, he’s going rogue. He pays a visit to The Hollow, who’s on to his Sofya savior plan. She tells him that her power has overloaded Sofya, and she’s gonna die. The Hollow would save her, if Marcel pledged his loyalty. He tries to drain her blood instead, and ends up poisoning himself, and getting knocked out. All the eyerolls at you, Marcel. But he does later recover the thorned stick, that might somehow help him restore Sofya.

Klaus is relieved to welcome Rebekah home. (Kol doesn’t even get a hug.) Klaus warns them about The Hollow’s weapon against them. Klaus, Bex, and Kol’s “interrogation” of The Hollow’s witches doesn’t go well. Klaus is a little too late killing one of them, and Kol finds out the ancestors are back in play. Which means that he knows seeing Davina is a possibility, and he’s off to try to that instead. Dammit, Kol. They do discover Marcel amongst the bodies. He still doesn’t want to work with them. Kol takes a bribery of dark objects to the Harvest girls, in an effort to talk to Davina. But they’re kind of over Mikaelsons, and not interested in helping. But The Hollow senses a weak link, and offers Kol a deal, to bring Davina back, if he joins her side.

Freya goes on a witchy spirit quest to contact Elijah inside his mind. His mind is represented by pristine white hallways with a million doors, which is just so Elijah. She opens a door upon him and Klaus arguing, featuring Elijah’s first season double heart-snatch! Aw, memories. She gets to see some of Elijah’s other murderous greatest hits. She tries to speak to him, but he vanishes and it kicks her out of the spell. Hayley begs Freya to send her in instead. But it would require channeling a witch of the Mikaelson bloodline. Hayley doesn’t want to use Hope, but Freya assures her Hope is strong enough, and she’s willing. Hayley goes into Elijah’s mind, searching for a good memory, in hopes of dragging him out. He’s a predictably tough nut to crack. She ventures into the creepy red door room, with lots of screaming behind it. Inside, a be-wigged flashback era Elijah stalks and chases her. She’s treated to some of the more brutal murder scenes of his past. Then he tries to kill her. In the real world, she starts seizing, and Hope freaks out. Freya decides to send Hope into the pendant, too. (What could possibly go wrong?) Hope’s screams in the white hallway finally get through to Elijah. And even though he’s back to his beautiful, well-dressed self in his mind, Hayley can’t look at him the same anymore. The pendant is restored, but they’re still going to need a rather large sacrifice, in order to restore Elijah to his body.

Holy Fang

Klaus talking to Elijah’s body in his coffin! I’m out of cry emojis.

The device of reuniting Mikaelsons never fails to work for me, even if they haven’t been apart that long.

Freya’s expression at getting to see one of Elijah’s remembered family dinners that she missed out on? Perfectly poignant.

“What’s her name?” Well, Bex. I’m not sure you get to look so betrayed, when you left town, AGAIN.

Hayley’s terrified face! NO, DAMMIT. I’ve waited too long for these two to be together! Kol, you moron.

Winners and Losers

Winner: Klaus. There wasn’t a lot of traditional winning per se this week, but Klaus is never more content than when his family is together, and working towards a common goal.

Loser: Elijah. After all that talk of my beloved Elijah’s shattered mind, it couldn’t compare to how shattered he looked upon realizing that Hayley had seen the worst side of him.

Original Snark

“I will not rest until I bring you back. No matter how many I have to kill to ensure it.” “Sounds like fun! I could do with a bit of murder and mayhem.” And Rebekah is supposed to be the nice Mikaelson.

“That is messed up! The first thing you do after being reborn, is massacre the witches that have been following your crazy ass?” Marcel isn’t wrong.

“Can I interest anyone in a swift and painless death?” NEVER LEAVE ME AGAIN, BEX. 

“I don’t suppose you could drop him into another body?” Seriously, Bex? I thought we understood each other. That worked like ONE TIME, and it was Kol.

“You know that’s psychotic, right?” Josh Rosza, beloved voice of reason.

“You know what we are. We’re all of us monsters. We’ve committed countless atrocities over the years. But Elijah, has only ever done those things for family. And that is why he’s the very best of us. He always has been.” IT GOT REALLY DUSTY IN HERE.

Haunting Questions

- Whatever, I still don’t buy Marcel’s Sofya feelings. Do you?

- Klaus’ comforting hand on Hayley’s shoulder, after she sees inside Elijah. Don’t you seriously love the way Klaus and Hayley’s relationship has grown?

- Rebekah is staying! (at least until the finale, I guess.) Do we think there’s still hope for her and Marcel?

- And will Hayley ever be able to get past this side of Elijah? Why is it always one step forward and three steps back with these two?

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Next episode: Davina warns Kol The Hollow must be killed. Freya and Hayley set out to do so. And… was that Jackson??

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