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THE ORIGINALS 4x11: A Spirit Here That Won’t Be Broken

If only all of these knots were so easy to untie.

THE ORIGINALS 4x11: A Spirit Here That Won’t Be Broken

Previously on The Originals: The Hollow hid inside Sofya, while attempting to sacrifice an Original, and their entire sire line. Freya magically preserved Elijah’s soul in a pendant, so he can be brought back. The Hollow brought Davina back from the spirit realm, but they’re now linked, and Kol may be indebted to her.

The Original Dysfunctional Family Drama

Davina doesn’t have much confidence that Kol will be able to defeat the super powerful Hollow, but he doesn’t really have any compunction about betraying his family, if necessary. The Hollow wants Kol to safeguard to totem tied to the protection spell for her now mortal body.

Hope can sense The Hollow is getting stronger. Freya wants to sacrifice The Hollow to save Elijah, and thinks the only way to do it is for Hayley to wield a weapon forged with Hope’s blood. But first, Freya tasks Rebekah and Kol with destroying the magic totem, which duplicitous Kol already has in his possession. Marcel insists on accompanying Rebekah into yet another creepy old house of New Orleans which the totem has been traced to, and Kol quickly traps them in a magic circle. When Klaus comes to rescue them, he’s livid to learn that Kol turned on them, and that he’s back at the compound with Hope, and dashes off to save her. Rebekah and Marcel get tired of waiting to be freed, and blow the house up to break the spell.

Davina wants Kol to destroy the totem, rather than have something happen to Hayley and Hope, but he refuses to lose her again. Davina suggests one of Esther’s old spells that can break a magical link, and Kol thinks all they need is Hope to perform it. Klaus kicks Kol’s ass when he finds out why Kol betrayed them, and he’s not interested in the reason. He destroys the totem, while Hope performs the unlinking spell at Kol’s request.

Freya and Hayley go to  house full of dead people (what?), in search of The Hollow, and she immediately knocks them out. Hayley has a dream of being back at her bayou cabin, with Jackson. The Hollow tortures the unconscious women in the guise of an angry Jackson, and a dead Keelin. Once Klaus breaks the totem, they’re free, and able to stab The Hollow. Hayley comes to a decision about what she wants for Hope and herself. And it seems like that’s not Elijah.

Holy Fang

Josh going to talk to Davina’s crypt will never not kill me. And Practical Magic is a perfect movie! And then when he gets to finally see her? All I want is Josh to be happy.

The Hollow finally has her own body! And somehow the casting is even worse. Sorry, but wowza.

Rebekah and Marcel rehashing the ridiculous stuff that has happened to them is LOL. If blowing up houses together isn’t love, I don’t know what is.


GIFs via theoriginals-gifs.tumblr.com

Winners and Losers

Winner: Kol and Davina. Seeing these two finally riding off into the vampire sunset together warmed even my cold, dead, heart. Sorry it had to be the 1.0 version, girl.

Loser: Hope. It seems like The Hollow had its sights set on her all along. Typical, that this is what comes of doing favors for Kol Mikaelson.

Original Snark

“Eddie uses this weird baby voice any time he says hi to a random dog. I don’t know, it might be a deal-breaker.” I love Eddie, but Josh may be correct.

“Hayley, I know we don’t always see eye-to-eye… Well, I suppose family rarely does.” Yay for sisters!

“You could at least feign sympathy.”

“Why? She shot me. Multiples times.” #VampireProblems

“Like your mum loves…”

“Uncle Elijah.”

“You are miraculously well-adjusted.” Hey, for once Kol isn’t wrong!

“You fell for the suit, Hayley.” OUCH.

Haunting Questions

- This kinder, gentler, Klaus is fascinating. He passed up a chance to dagger a sibling! How long could it possibly last?

- How awkward is it going to be for Hayley and Elijah to live in the same house now? See, this is why we don’t date family members.


I am here for your Kol trash-talking in the comments!

Next episode: The Hollow is definitely up to no good with Hope.

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