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IZOMBIE 3x11: Conspiracy Weary

Undercover reporters. Undercover zombies. Thankfully, they’re not keeping the abs undercover.

IZOMBIE 3x11: Conspiracy Weary

Previously on iZombie: Major found a girl who didn’t care that he’d been the accused Chaos Killer. Peyton was prosecuting the Weckler case, and Liv ate his brain to find out if he was murdered in jail. Ravi and Don E. got captured by the zombie truthers, who want to broadcast zombies to the world.

Grey Matters

Harley Johns and the zombie truthers knocked out Ravi and were going to use a cattle prod on Don E. when full zombie mode Liv and Blaine arrive to wreak havoc. Rachel gets away, but not before seeing a zombied out Liv. Chase Graves and the Fillmore Graves militia arrive in time to gun down Harley’s brothers when they try to leave. The militia frees Liv, Blaine, Ravi, and Don E. from the truther’s cage. Liv takes the guns from Harley’s trucks to see if they’re a match for previous zombie attacks, and agrees to track down Harley’s family property for Chase. When Rachel arrives at Ravi’s house for comfort, she finds out his roommate is the Chaos Killer (Chaos Kidnapper, if you must know). After she has time to cool off, and come back, Ravi tries to explain the real world zombies. 

Liv tells Peyton all about Weckler’s prison guard killer who fell overboard, and Tatum, his kid who’s hiding something, while she’s hopped up on Johns brother conspiracy brain. Peyton has Tatum come in to ask her about a safety deposit box key found in Weckler’s personal effects. She’s able to talk Tatum into letting her come to the bank with her, and Tatum gives her the flash drive that Weckler stole from the dominatrix. While there, Peyton witnesses Tatum have an obvious zombie brain vision. Peyton tells Liv all about it, including that Weckler was stealing the SD card for someone else, when he murdered Mistress Pain. They think Baracus is the one who orchestrated the whole thing, to cover up his potential scandal.

Liv shows Major Shawna’s tumblr page, which is covered in photos and video of him, and even includes their text messages to each other. CREEEPY. Liv’s paranoid brain thinks Shawna is a zombie hunter for the CDC. Major settles on she’s probably just crazy and using him for notoriety, and he dumps her. She then starts selling t-shirts of them cuddled up in bed, which everyone in town think he’s behind. SO gross.

The Fillmore Graves militia goes to the Johns property. Liv warns them that her vision told her the place might be a trap, but it’s too late to save two of the zombie soldiers. Clive’s ballistics hookup confirms that Harley’s guns were used in the attack on Baracus, and the murder of Wally’s family. He and Liv check out the John’s property, and find Harley’s underground bunker. Clive accuses Harley of murdering Wally’s family, but Liv’s vision tells her that they just happened to be stalking the family when it happened. Then Harley tries to shoot them, and Clive kills him. Or, so he thinks. For it turns out zombie-hating Harley, is now one himself.

Brain Melt

- Liv, Blaine, and Don E. at the same brain buffet! What could possibly go wrong? Tupac conspiracy theories, apparently.

- HELLO SHIRTLESS DOHRING. So, spray tanning him is someone’s job? I volunteer as tribute!

- Rachel is a reporter, working on a story about wingnuts who believe in zombies. Because OF COURSE SHE IS. But her paper looks like a super trashy tabloid.

Winners and Chewsers

Winner: Peyton. At least she finally found proof that supports her suspicions about Weckler. But considering that proof implicates her boss, it may not feel like a win for long.

Loser: Major and Ravi. What is up with the women of Seattle, betraying our boys left and right? I question your choices, ladies.

Words With a Bite

“This is nice. Can we make this a weekly thing?” - Blaine

“A selfie stick? I knew this was too good to be true.” - Major

“That’s my roommate’s sex fort.” - Ravi

“Stop! You two sound crazy. Sad to say, but Tupac is dead and gone. Biggie Smalls’ twin brother killed Tupac. And it’s that twin that got shot in L.A. Biggie, at this moment, is sipping mojitos in Havana.” - Liv

“I’ve seen the Chaos Killer’s sex fort!” - Rachel

GIFs via rocktheholygrail.tumblr.com

Picking Your Brain

- The 206 Weekly editor tells his reporters “Scoot!” Does he also say “we’re burning daylight here”?

- Who made Harley a zombie?

- Do we really think it was Baracus who ordered the entire Weckler thing? Or is that a penultimate red herring?

Bring your theories to the comments!

Next episode: "Looking for Mr. Goodbrain." Liv (sans wig) has Ravi sex visions!



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