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Procrastination Pro-Tips: Casting for DUMPLIN’ & EVERY DAY, Tom Hardy Has Us All In Tears, and more!

Your weekly dish of internet distractions!

Procrastination Pro-Tips: Casting for DUMPLIN’ & EVERY DAY, Tom Hardy Has Us All In Tears, and more!

Hello all! Hope this week has been as good to you as next week will be to me, for I shall be in Vegas for the front row experience of Magic Mike LIVE!


On to the links!

Book Related Things

14 Careers For Readers, aka LIVING THE DREAM.

The Loudest Characters in Literature (Mrs. Bennett is on this list, don't worry.)

Top 10 Unlikely Romantic Heroes in Fiction (lemme stop you right there at Christian Grey, Established British Newspaper.)

Reading YA is Basic Preparedness for the Impending Apocalypse, as evidenced by this IRL story.

Need some help deciding on where to go for your hols AND get your bookworm on? Look no further!

Or maybe you want to visit somewhere that makes you feel like you're in an actual fairytale - we've got you.

Fairly excellent article on why Jane Austen's tales continue to be remade and reimagined.

It was great to see all of the "we-got-your-back'ing" the YA community gave Jennifer Mathieu, author of the upcoming Moxie, after an awful Kirkus review expressed some very questionable thoughts about what's "required" from books about sexual assault.

65 YA Horror Reads By Women, including SFFYA member, Whitney Miller's The Violet Hour, former book club picks Ashes, Anna Dressed in Blood, Diviners, Shutter, and more FYA faves!

YA Onscreen Things

This week on YA OnscreenBlack Panther teaser drops (WOOHOO!), casting news for S2 of A Series of Unfortunate Events, and more!

13 Reasons Why has started filming its second season.

We're hearing that Tom Hardy IS playing Jafar in the (why-is-this-being-remade) Aladdin movie, but then we're also hearing that he's NOT. (Phew. I would hate to have to give my man side-eye while he's still in mourning for his beloved dog.)

Today in #YASSSS: Patti Cake$ breakout Danielle Macdonald joins Jennifer Aniston in Dumplin'! And all the Fat Girls said A-MEN.

Becky Albertalli has a Tumblr for all movie-related things for Simon vs. The Homo-Sapiens Agenda. It's looking so great, y'all!

"In Its First Season, The Handmaid’s Tale’s Greatest Failing Is How It Handles Race"

Angourie Rice has been cast to play Rhiannon in Every Day.

Social Media Things

The cast for Crazy, Rich Asians is having way too much fun:

Brooding YA Hero has a very serious question:

I think my novel, A Seafoam Green Nightstand of Overcast Peonies, is going to struggle to find its audience. What's the name of your fantasy YA novel?

Miscellaneous Things

Lindy West is a goddess and we should all give thanks for her thoughts after attending the GOOP Festival (OMG that headline).

Photos from the Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion musical (which is playing until July 2nd in Seattle)

All-Girl Engineer Team Invents Solar-Powered Tent for the Homeless.

This was a rough week, news-wise; victims of the fire in London have had so much support in terms of physical donations, but if you'd like to help out financially you can do so here. It's so wonderful to see the generosity of strangers towards others.  What other uplifting stories/videos/gifs have kept you sane this week? Please share below! smile

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