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THE ORIGINALS 4x13: The Feast Of All Sinners

The end of Always and Forever appears to be the beginning of six different Mikaelson spin-offs.

THE ORIGINALS 4x13: The Feast Of All Sinners

Previously on The Originals: Rebekah and Marcel fought about their doomed love affair. Hayley to confessed to Rebekah that her glimpse into Elijah’s psyche freaked her the eff out. The Hollow infected Hope and Vincent announced that he had a plan to get her out, but nobody was gonna like it.

The Original Dysfunctional Family Drama

Vincent explains his plan to the Mikaelsons, to pull The Hollow out of Hope, and put her in four different locations, or rather, four different Mikaelsons, to duplicate the way the bayou wolf tribes spread her bones 1500 years ago. But Vincent stresses they’d then need to all go their separate ways and never see each other again. Klaus agrees, since it’s the only plan to save Hope. Rebekah is freaked out that she can’t get ahold of Kol, and that this is the only solution. Freya vows to find another way.

Evil Hope resurrects Dominic, the witch that was killed earlier in the season, and all The Hollow’s followers bow before her. Josh rounds up all the Quarter vamps and witches on Marcel’s orders to scour the city for Hope. Dominic and the acolytes show up to knock out the vampires and demand the witches declare their allegiance to The Hollow. They rally the witches in the street, and Hayley comes running, to try and get through to Hope, but Hollow Hope just breaks her neck and tosses her aside. When she wakes up, Vincent explains the ritual, but he confesses that he left out a crucial detail when telling the Mikaelsons. In order for Hope to be safe from The Hollow’s influence, Hayley will have to keep her far away from the rest of the family, forever. However, Hayley decides not to keep that from Klaus.

Josh relays the current situation to Marcel and Sofya and suggests aligning themselves with the Mikaelsons to get rid of The Hollow. They go to The Hollow and the acolytes under the guise of negotiating a truce. When Marcel is forced to bow down to her, Sofya quickly knocks out Hope and runs off with her, and Marcel takes down Dominic, while Klaus and Elijah arrive to seal the witches into an inferno.

Vincent continues working on the ritual, despite Rebekah being pissed about the secret he kept. Since they still haven’t been able to reach Kol, Vincent says the fourth vampire may have to be Hayley, which would mean she’d also have to stay away from Hope forever. But Freya refuses to let that be an option. She decides to turn herself into a vampire, in order to spare Hope from losing her mother. She just wants to run it be Keelin first. Keelin is the best, and ready to help her do what needs to be done. Luckily, Kol shows up in the nick of time.

Klaus visits Cami’s cemetery, and has Marcel meet him there, to confess all his shortcomings as a father, and to see him one last time. Later, Klaus asks Elijah to not try to save him, if while apart, he descends into one of his spirals. The Mikaelsons gather for Vincent’s ritual. The Hollow is sent into Klaus, Elijah, Kol, and Rebekah, and Vincent demands that they leave. Klaus gets to tell an exorcised Hope that he loves her, and runs. Later, Marcel meets Elijah at the old plantation where they found him, and Elijah asks Marcel to put him out of his misery. Rebekah reminisces to Freya about the eight months she took care of infant Hope alone, and asks Freya to give her a family necklace from Auntie Bex. I sob through a box of tissues. Marcel agrees to help Vincent with a second ritual, to compel Elijah and release him from his Always and Forever vow, including forgetting all the memories of his family and Hayley. We’re treated to a thousand years of flashbacks, in case you weren’t already a soggy mess.

Hayley and Hope bid Freya and the compound a teary goodbye. Marcel follows Rebekah to New York City, where they can finally be together. In San Francisco, Kol takes a giant diamond to a jeweler, to be made into a necklace, earrings, “and one massive engagement ring” for Davina. In Mystic Falls, Virginia (YAY!), Hayley has enrolled Hope in Alaric and Caroline’s magic school. In France, a super hot Elijah, plays piano in a bar. Klaus stops by to check on him from afar, but Elijah doesn’t recognize him. And Klaus smiles.

Holy Fang

Rebekah’s torment at the idea of being separated from her family was heartbreaking.

Hope blowing up the Quarter?! If that was my favorite hotel, we’re gonna have words, child. But how good is Summer Fontana as The Hollow?? SCARY good.

Hayley. Girl. Change your bloody shirt!

“So, you tell me what you need me to do.” Elijah’s speech to Hayley? And then, telling each other goodbye? I CANNOT.

ELIJAHHHH. Our last glimpse of him makes him seem happy, but I’m so sad for all his lost memories. P.S. Please forward my mail to this French piano bar.

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Winners and Losers

Winner: Hayley. (And Hope.) She saved her daughter, and gets to take her away, to live the most normal life they can. But without any of the people who had become her family.

Loser: All of these people. We got to see them all have a little slice of happiness at the end, but I don’t see how these codependent crazies can stay away from each other forever.

Original Snark

“And what about Nick? You know very well that without you around, he will go mad.” To be fair, that’s happened either way.

“It’s pretty simple, actually. A creepy, resurrected witch made me his personal pinata.” How dare Dominic hurt my Josh?

“Lucky you, I guess I’ll just have to postpone the disembowelment.” I’m stealing Bex’s line.

“You getting nostalgic in your old age?” You’re all old, friends.

“I was not a good father to you.” Klaus’ confession to to Marcel, is when I truly lost it.

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Haunting Questions

- Where do we go from here?! Our beloved Mikaelsons are spread to the four winds (and one of them doesn’t even remember the others)! What does that mean for season five?

- Don’t you love Hope at Mystic Falls Hogwarts? I really hope that means we see more of our old Vampire Diaries faves next season.

- This episode was definitely written before the show had been renewed for another season. As far as series finales go, how would you feel if this had been the one?

Please join me in the comments! BYO tissues.

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