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IZOMBIE 3x13: Looking For Mr. Goodbrain, Part2

The Aleutian Flu outbreak leads to some shockings changes in the Seattle scene.

IZOMBIE 3x13: Looking For Mr. Goodbrain, Part2

Previously on iZombie: Ravi’s old CDC supervisor, Katty Cupps, was murdered while in town, working on a mysterious new flu outbreak. In tracing her steps, they found she had interviewed Fillmore-Graces exec, Carey Gold’s, teenage daughter. Chase Graves fired Major, after learning he’s human. The troops threw a farewell party for him, where newly zombified Harley Johns, blew the place up.

Grey Matters

Liv, Peyton, and Ravi, are following the explosion news as it unfolds on TV. They’re all relieved to see Major and Justin arrive home alive. Major tells them Natalie and most of his squad are dead, and they escaped due to dumb luck. But Justin still wants to know why Liv didn’t show for the party. She takes him aside to tell him the truth, that she slept with Chase Graves. He doesn’t really care for her rolling on Katty brains excuse, and I can’t really blame him. Her friends can’t help but overhear the dirty details .

Don E. insists that Blaine has to see their customers on choreographer blue brain, and y’all, The Scratching Post is in the midst of a choreographed group dance number. I think I’m in love. Blaine is less charmed. Not!Chief arrives to let them know that Tanner, and their brain shipment, got intercepted by the feds.

Liv and Ravi are playing the worst puzzle game ever, trying to assemble limbs from the explosion victims, when Clive arrives with the Katty Cupps case news, about Patrice Gold, and the fact that she was sent to Paris by Chase Graves, to bring his dog home. They’re trying to figure out the Fillmore-Graves angle on a deadly flu outbreak, when Liv tells them that, per Major and Justin, the company is always in the midst of a brain shortage. 

Blaine makes his business pitch to Chase Graves, but crashes and burns. Chase maintains they don’t need more brain supply, and that Blaine’s brains are high risk, which is why he’s put The Scratching Post off-limits for his men. Major comes in at the end of the meeting, pretending not to know Blaine, and tells Chase that he wants to be made a zombie again, and brought back in. He’s taking the loss of his squad pretty hard. Chase says that Discovery Day is upon them, and Major needs to be damn sure which side he’s on, but Major has no doubts about that, and presents his arm.

Liv and Clive hatch a plan to determine if Chase’s dog is wearing a bark deterrent collar (that can also carry Aleutian flu) when Liv ends up falling in the pool at Chase’s new place. She and Clive have to make awkward conversation with him, while her clothes are in the dryer. She tells Chase she only slept with him because of Catty Cupps brain, but he doesn’t admit to knowing anything about Katty.

The CDC and Ravi tell Mayor Baracus that the Aleutian flu is quickly mutating, and resistant to anti-virals, and is basically a death sentence. They suggest beginning mass vaccinations immediately. Germaphobe Clive cannot wait to be vaccinated. Liv has a memory flash of Carey Gold being surprised to find Katty Cupps still alive, in the trunk of a car.

Chase accuses Carey of switching from the original Zombie Island plan, to the Doomsday Plan without his approval. He also accuses her of killing Wally’s family, and Vivian, for finding out about her traitorous faction. When he calls for security, he finds that they’re already on her side. He takes out all of them in about half a second. Liv and Clive arrive in the aftermath, but considering Carey ordered the hit on Wally’s family, Clive is fine with letting Chase handle the in-house clean-up, without too many questions.

Dale is back in town, to let Clive know he looks like crap, and that she was investigating a smuggled crate from Russia, when she netted a perp, claiming to be Clive’s C.I. Hi, Tanner! Super-sleuth Dale, has uncovered that Major was once Tanner’s case-worker, and that he placed his one phone call to Shady Plots Funeral Home. She’s pretty pissed about the extreme deja vu. So, Clive finally lets her in on Team Z, mainly to prevent Tanner from causing a zombie apocalypse in lock-up.

Liv gets a flash of Katty ringing the doorbell at Carey Gold’s house, and getting a glimpse of the teens eating breakfast brains. Patrice appears to have pounded her with a hockey stick. When Liv goes by the Gold house to ask questions, she gets a glimpse of all the incoming texts from teen zombies excited for the D-Day brain buffet. She goes in the house to call Peyton to find out where the CDC vaccines are headed, because she thinks there’s a plan to interfere with them. She’s interrupted by Tatum, who claims to have been a victim in this whole mess. Liv buys it just long enough for Patrice to take a hockey stick to her, too. She escapes and gets to the school where the vaccines are being kept to find Fillmore-Graves employees tainting them with zombie blood. She tries to get out of the facility undetected, but Justin totally rats her out to the troops. She gets away in time to warn Clive, but Dale has already gotten the vaccine. Liv heads straight for on-air personality, Johnny Frost, who was one of the first people in the city to get the flu vaccine. She explains to him what;s happening to him, and gives him a brain popsicle to convince him. He goes on air to tell Seattle that they’re about to turn into zombies. He tries to preach calm and brotherhood in this scary time, but nah, it’s full on chaos. Chase Graves and his troops show up, and he wants them to play his recorded message to calm the city. While Zombie 101 plays, we see his troops rounding up the zombie teens, and Clive, helping to dye Dale’s hair. We also see Major going through a hospital, back in his FG uniform, scratching people dying of the flu, so the zombie virus saves them. Chase promises to the audience that they do not plan to harvest living brains. As long as the people of the country donate brains upon death, they will be distributed to the zombie population, and they will stay in Seattle.

Business is booming again at The Scratching Post, and blue brain is in high demand. While handing out brain rations, the FG troops still have to take down the occasional armed militia who don’t seem to be cool with the new world order.

Brain Melt

- Poor Liv can’t have ONE ill-advised indiscretion without everyone finding out.

- DALE? Oh, Dale.


- And, Seattle is now officially off my list of vacay destinations.

Winners and Chewsers

Winner: Blaine. A horrible flu outbreak, and minor zombie apocalypse means big business for this guy. I mean, of course.

Loser: Everybody? It’s a rough day for the city of Seattle. And Johnny Frost.

Words With a Bite

“CHASE. GRAVES.” - Justin

“It’s happening again. Dude, you really need to see this. Choreographer blue brain is a BIG hit. We should up the price.” - Don E.

“Well, if it isn’t Killer Abs.” - Blaine


GIFs via jane-sloan.tumblr.com

“Remember, a well-fed zombie is a happy zombie.” - Chase

GIF via misomeru.tumblr.com

“Don’t be a dick.” - Liv

Picking Your Brain

- What was Chase wearing in this episode? And was it… on backwards?

- How will Dale adjust to being a zombie? She and Clive seemed to be back on track, now that she’s in the know, but now I’m really worried about her!

- With Major being a zombie again, do he and Liv have another shot? Or, are we tired of the writers torturing us?

- Ravi harvested just enough tainted Utopium to maybe produce a vaccine for zombieism. He asks Liv to scratch him to see if it worked. BUT DID IT WORK?

GIF via misomeru.tumblr.com

Please join me in the comments, where I will still be VERY WORRIED.


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