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YA Onscreen: Come Howl Over The Final Trailer For TEEN WOLF

Come dissect the trailer for Teen Wolf's final 10 episodes, say goodbye to one of the best parts of True Blood, and find out which actors most recently fell under the Marvel Universe's spell in this week's YA Onscreen.

YA Onscreen: Come Howl Over The Final Trailer For TEEN WOLF

Thanks for joining us for this week's YA Onscreen! Let's check out the links:

Supergirl cast Smallville's Erica Durance as [redacted's] mother.

Do you have some time? Read through a ranking of all 160 episodes of Pretty Little Liars.

Get your Funko Pops! for Thor: Ragnarok before the movie comes out so you can sneak them into the theater with you and reenact your favorite moments.

Nelsan Ellis, of True Blood fame, has sadly passed away at age 39. He was a true gem as Lafayette.

Yes, those are apparently Jennifer Connelly's dulcet tones you're hearing as the voice of Spiderman's suit in Home-Coming.

John Oliver has been cast as royal advisor, Zazu, in the Jon Favreau directed, live-action adaptation of The Lion King. Perfect casting, for reals.

Kermit the Frog's voice actor, Steve Whitmire, is leaving the character after playing him for 27 years. That's a long time to put up with Miss Piggy's antics.  

New Warriors, the upcoming Marvel series for Freeform, has cast its Squirrel Girl...comedy or no, if I were her, I'd demand a better superhero moniker. 

Selma Blair is returning to teen drama with a new role in the upcoming TV reboot of Heathers. She'll star as Jade, the stepmother of Heather Duke. 

MTV released the trailer for the final season of Teen Wolf and TVLine dissects the bejeesus out of it:

Jeremy Renner confirms he broke both his arms while filming Avengers: Infinity War back in June. Ouch.

Watch random celebrities sing your latest dose of '90s nostalgia (Spice Girls' "Wannabe"). 

That's it for the week! Let us know what we missed below.

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