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Procrastination Pro-Tips: A WRINKLE IN TIME Pics, New Bookish Apps, Puppy Island, and more!

Your weekly dish of internet distractions!

Procrastination Pro-Tips: A WRINKLE IN TIME Pics, New Bookish Apps, Puppy Island, and more!

Welcome to the weekend! Almost! What do y'all have planned? Tomorrow I will be at a bookstore's annual warehouse sale in San Francisco:

Me on Saturday tbh.

Book Related Things

Kay Thompson, creator of Eloise, was quite the character herself. Did y'all know she was in Funny Face??

Lumberjanes writer Grace Ellis and illustrator Shae Beagle have a new queer feminist comic coming called Moonstruck, and honestly it had me at centaurs.

This is a pretty terrific list of picture books featuring Black boys as the main character. <3

New bookish apps: OurStory (from We Need Diverse Books), and Libby (from Overdrive).

YA Onscreen Things

ICYMI, this week on YA Onscreen: Lots of stuff but THE FINAL EPISODES OF TEEN WOLF ARE UPON US!

Plot details for Fantastic Beasts 2!

Sunday, September 10 is the premiere date for S3 of Outlander:

Mark your calendars for March 1, 2019Chaos Walking will be hitting the big screen!

OMG these photos from Ava DuVernay's A Wrinkle In Time..!

Social Media Things:

Disney is having trouble casting Aladdin/has clearly never heard of Avan Jogia: also, the ensuing Twitter beef, but just casting an actor because he's brown hardly seems like the right choice in 2017, HOWEVER it better not be Ryan Gosling or Zac Efron. 

Miscellaneous Things

This op-ed from Teen Vogue about The Kardashians being thieving garbage fires is FAB.

Virgie Tovar is the unofficial life coach we need: Stop Doing Shit You Hate.

An argument for wearing an ugly prom dress.

Vacay alert: there's an island in Turks and Caicos where you can play with rescue puppies.

DC Bombshells enamel pins are coming!

Unicorn items for your kitchen. OMG, the ramen bowls! 

Torrid has a Hello Kitty! collection, available online only.

Parents, are you ready to sell your children for your kids to go back to school? What other interweb stories caught your eye this week? Convo with me below!

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