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#YASummerShowdown 2017, Epilogue: Party Time! Excellent!

Let's raise a toast to this year's Showdown teams and their awesome YA Mixology parties!

#YASummerShowdown 2017, Epilogue: Party Time! Excellent!

Previously: Books and Lewks

YA Mixology has always been a creative and delightful component to #YASummerShowdown, and this year was no exception! Let's check out what the teams got up to at their YA Mixology parties throughout the summer.

Artifact Hunt Wrap-Up

BUT FIRST! The artifact hunt may have ended in Part II, but the awesome Exquisite Corpse stories technically hadn't. Taking a page from FYA's beloved Choose Your Own Adventure format, teams were asked to write their own finale for the two stories.

"Prom: The Final Frontier"

•  If you’re looking for your mom to save you, read on for KCFYA's ending.

•  If you’re interested in seeing Maria use the emotion extractor to full effect, read on for LONFYA's ending.

"The Tryout"

•  If you want to find out where Benedict put the cloak, read on for LRFYA's ending.

•  If you're looking for a hopeful conclusion, read on for FYAON's ending.

YA Mixology Highlights

We already saw a glimpse of the kickass party themes that the teams had planned, and their soirees def. lived up to the hype!

CIFYA's "Hamilparty"

CLTFYA's "All the Ships" Party

KCFYA's "Unicorn Rainbow Dreamz" Party

KCMOFYA's "Keep Calm and Drink On" Party

LONFYA's "Criminally Good" Party

LRFYA's "Daughter of Firewater and Ice" Party

FYAON's "We're Witches, Bitches" Party

PGHFYA's "Zenon's Summer Cocktail Party"

FYAVWA's "A Killer Party"

As always, there were THE COCKTAILS -- which have all been compiled into the handy 2017 YA Mixology Bar Book! (Including recipes from last year's YA Mixology winner FYAVBC, as well as the Gamemakers!) This year, teams submitted recipes to be put to the test in two reader polls! 

Now presenting the contenders for Best Mysterious Loner Dude Cocktail! (Click on each cocktail for more info.)


And here are the contenders for Best Favourite Cocktail! (Click on each cocktail for more info.)


Polls will remain open until Saturday August 5th at 11:59pm Pacific.

See y'all back here on Monday August 7th to dish over the poll results -- and the end of Showdown 2017!

Next: The End!

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