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YA Onscreen: THE PRINCESS DIARIES: Long May It Reign

The universe teases us with another Princess Diaries movie, TGIF comes to Hulu, plus Stephenie Meyer brings us a Twilight TV show (haha, just kidding, but she is writing for the small screen). 

YA Onscreen: THE PRINCESS DIARIES: Long May It Reign

Welcome back to YA Onscreen! After last week's deluge of information, this week is more like a trickle. So let's hit those links!

Watch as all the actors who were previously involved in The Princess Diaries bend over backwards to maintain interest but not specifically say there is a third installment definitely coming (we should be so blessed).

Hulu has acquired more than 800 episodes from some of ABC's classic '90s TGIF lineup. Shows like Family Matters and Step By Step will be available on September 29.

MTV is trying to bring their '90s hit Total Request Live back this fall. Do enough artists even still make music videos for this to still be a thing? Isn't that why they cancelled it in the first place?

Paramount Pictures has hired co-writers for the long discussed Sweet Valley Twins movie. If this ever came to fruition, I really hope they find some non-famous twins to star in this, because I can't picture anyone currently on the scene pulling off the perfect Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield pair. 

Outlander showrunner Ronald D. Moore explains how they plan on structuring the third season to incorporate Jamie and Claire's separation from the third book, Voyager. The premiere airs September 10. 

New details are emerging about the upcoming 2018 showThe Rook, based on the 2012 book of the same name, which is being co-written by Stephenie Meyer. This book and its sequel are so unique and full of British humor (run, don't walk, to the bookstore and read them), and I am really not positive that she is going to capture its soul. Prove me wrong, Meyer!

UnREAL has been renewed for a fourth season

Check out the easter egg in the Ready Player One movie logo.

In depressing news, the number of female, LGBT, and non-white movie actors featured hasn't improved since 2007.

TVLine had an in-depth discussion with the EP of Teen Wolf about the first episode.

And finally, Katy Perry will be hosting the 2017 MTV VMAs

That's it for us - let us know what we missed down in the comments!

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