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YA Onscreen: Goodbye, ORPHAN BLACK

I don't think Tatiana Maslany will ever have to work that hard again now that Orphan Black is done, plus Netflix poaches drama-diva Shonda Rimes, and Vin Diesel offers up a random F&F proposal.

YA Onscreen: Goodbye, ORPHAN BLACK

Thanks for joining us for this week's YA Onscreen! This weekend was...yeah, so let's try to put that all aside for a little while and veg out with some mindless entertainment news.

Netflix is producing an eight-episode British teen drama with some supernatural twists. 

Interested in a cartoon about Joe Biden and Barack Obama time traveling to save the world? Pay into the Kickstarter

Netflix just scored a big fish from ABC: Shonda Rhimes is leaving a 15-year partnership with the network to join Netflix's plan for global domination.

She of the perfect hair, Connie Britton, has scored a recurring role on a new Showtime comedy, SMILF. The show "promises a raw and honest comedic look at Bridgette, a single twentysomething from Southie whose desires for relationships, sex, and a career collide with the realities of young, single motherhood." 

Kate Winslet is starring in a new romantic survival movie that people are likening to Titanic, and, bonus, it also stars Idris Elba. Before you jump to Google, The Mountain Between Us comes out in theaters October 6.

Orphan Black ended this weekend, and nobody say anything too spoilery in the comments because I'm a few seasons behind but fully intend to catch up very soon. So I have no idea what this article is about except that it's a farewell to what I hope continued to be an excellent show. 

Also, a blooper reel of Tatiana Maslany basically laughing to herself (because she's the only one in the scene, get it?).

Netflix has ordered a second season of Glow, which Jennie just reviewed in our newly renamed Stream It series. 

Did you ever want to watch Fast and Furious live? Vin Diesel is going to try to make it happen

Seven things we want to see in Thor: Ragnarok.

Shay Mitchell from Pretty Little Liars has wasted no time finding another gig: she'll be in the upcoming Lifetime show, You, along with Gossip Girl's Penn Badgley. 

Leonardo Dicaprio in the role he was born to play.

Riverdale cast Julianna Margulies's son from The Good Wife as Veronica's bad-boy ex. I can't picture that actor being a "bad-boy" anything, but he's a cutie, so, good job, Riverdale

Amazon is adapting Neil Gaiman's Good Omens and they've tapped David Tennant and Michael Sheen for the leads. 

That's it for us - let us know what we missed down in the comments!

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