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TV Preview 2017-18: New Friends

Let’s play a game of “marry/bang/kill” with some of the new TV shows of the fall season.

TV Preview 2017-18: New Friends

For some of you lucky enough to live in the northern parts of the northern hemisphere, your weather might be getting cooler, and the leaves turning pretty shades of the first three colors of the Roy G. Biv. For those of us in other climes, we’re currently trying to deceive ourselves by hanging autumn wreaths and drowning our sorrows that it’s still in the 90s with iced PSLs.

At least we all have fall TV?

And our annual TV Preview series, in which we take a look at TV shows and voice our opinions on whether watching them is worth it.

Unlike years past where we took a look at the majority of shows coming to the major networks, we’ve culled the options this year down to the more on-FYA-brand shows, or ones we thought y’all might be most interested in chatting about. (TBH, this fall season is kind of lacking.)

So check out the trailers and our thoughts below, and then head to the comments to discuss. (And check back tomorrow when we opine on some of the shows we’re most glad to see back for another season.)

Name: Star Trek: Discovery

About: Ten years before Kirk, Spock and the Enterprise, the USS Discovery discovers new worlds and lifeforms as one Starfleet officer learns to understand all things alien.

Get to Know It: Sept. 24 on CBS*

Known Associates: Jason Isaacs, Michelle Yeoh, Rainn Wilson, James Frain, Doug Jones, Anthony Rapp


Emily: Bang. I was on the kill side because I’m really over the reboots (and once Bryan Fuller stepped down as showrunner I really lost interest), but I’ve been seeing interviews with Sonequa Martin-Green and she is incredible. So, now that I’m paying attention and have seen how incredible the production value is on this show, I want to watch it ... just not sure it’s enough to subscribe to CBS All Access ...

Kandis: Bang. I’m not much of a Star Trek person, but the promo looks great, and really intense. And hi, ladies of color in charge! YOU HAVE MY ATTENTION.

Mandy C.: Marry,. I am a MASSIVE Star Trek fan, in all its forms. I have been optimistically excited about this new series since it was announced, rumors of its lack of quality be damned, and the trailer gives me all sorts of feels. Also, definitely here for ladies being in charge—and the fact that there will be an openly gay couple amongst the main crew. Maybe not so much here for James Frain playing Sarek, but I’ll try to reserve judgement until I see him in action.

Stephanie: Marry. I’m a Star Trek franchise fan, though I’m still making my way through much of the previously done series (TNG is really long), so I am definitely down for this. It kind of bugs me that this a prequel because it’s going to look so much fancier than any of the series that timeline-wise come after it, but, if the story is engaging, I doubt I’ll mind that much.

*From what I’ve read, the premiere will be on cable and the rest of the series available only through CBS’ streaming service. *side eye*

Name: The Good Doctor

About: A young surgeon with autism and Savant syndrome is recruited into the pediatric surgical unit of a prestigious hospital. The question will arise: can a person who doesn't have the ability to relate to people actually save their lives?

Get to Know It: Sept. 25 on ABC

Known Associates: Freddie Highmore, Richard Schiff, Hill Harper, Nicholas Gonzalez, Jasika Nicole


Emily: Kill. Freddie Highmore is excellent at playing loveable mentally disturbed characters (Bates Motel is one of the best shows of the past decade), but even incredible acting can’t get me to care about another medical procedural. Even if it’s a “new spin” on the genre.

Kandis: Kill? Like, I’m sure it will be fine, but I never watch hospital procedurals anymore. This show will have a very fine line to walk with the autism aspect, and I tend to not expect much from network shows. But who doesn’t love Richard Schiff? And Freddie Highmore can be brilliant, but will he be able to shake that Norman Bates image now? I can see this being one of those shows everybody watches but me.

Mandy C.: Kill. I used to love these sorts of shows, but my patience for “case of the week” medical shows has worn thin. I’m also super worried about their portrayal of an autistic man, but hope that they do it justice rather than making light of it or eventually downplaying it when the “new shiny” has worn off.

Stephanie: Bang. I am so on the fence with this show. I loved House for the first few seasons, so I feel drawn to the aesthetic. But I worry it’s going to be too heavy-handed, saccharine, and/or self-congratulatory about the fact that they are being so progressive about autism. Also, they will need to have interesting characters to keep the procedural interesting once they move beyond the drama of not wanting an autistic surgeon around.

Name: Will and Grace

About: Will and Grace live together in an apartment in New York City. He's a gay lawyer, she's a straight interior designer.

Get to Know It: Sept. 28 on NBC

Known Associates: Debra Messing, Megan Mulally, Eric McCormack, Sean Hayes


Emily: Kill. I am still  so angry about the finale that I can’t even watch reruns all these years later. You are not allowed to make one of the worst finales in history and then pretend like it didn’t happen in a reboot. I veto all of this.

Kandis: Bang. I really only care about my patronus, Karen Walker. But who was really asking for this retread? Especially after that finale. They want us to go on as if it never happened, but NO. I hold a grudge. But I also have very low standards if I’ve been drinking.

Mandy C.: Kill. I wasn’t a Will and Grace fan back in the day—sorry!—and I don’t really care to become one now. I’m also super hesitant about how good of an idea is is to try to make 90s sitcoms, which can be super problematic, work in 2017.

Stephanie: Bang? The only thing going through my mind during that trailer is, damn, the cast still looks good! (I still want Debra Messing’s red, curly hair.) Will and Grace was very enjoyable way back when, but I am definitely not one of the people clamoring for its return. I can’t really see their schtick working in 2017, but I’ll probably give it an episode or two’s watch out of curiosity.

Name: Marvel’s Inhumans

About: An isolated community of superhumans fight to protect themselves.

Get to Know It: Sept. 29 on ABC

Known Associates: Anson Mount, Ken Leung, Iwan Rheon, Henry Ian Cusick, Serinda Swan


Emily: Kill. Sigh. The Marvel franchise already overwhelms me, so it’s going to take a lot for me to buy in. The fact that they’re already calling this a limited series means even the network can’t stand behind the show. So why would I?

Kandis: Kill. KILL IT WITH FIRE. Good lord, this looks terrible. If I hadn’t already been burned with how bad Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. got, I still wouldn’t check out this mess. Plus, the advance word on it was so bad. Are they even trying?!

Mandy C.: Kill. It hurts me to say that, as someone with a tattoo dedicated the fact that she’s a Marvel diehard, but just … no. I can barely get through Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. without cringing at what could have been (and what they’ve done to Coulson), I don’t think my little fangirl heart can take this show, too. Even if it does star Hot Simon. (I stopped watching Game of Thrones before he joined, and prefer to remember him this way.)

Stephanie: Kill. With each new Marvel show, I feel myself slipping further and further behind; I can’t keep up with all the superhero/mutant mythology! The trailer didn’t grab me; it felt cheesy. I was most excited to see the giant bulldog, but that’s no reason to watch an entire show.

Name: Ghosted

About: A skeptic is forced to work with a firm believer of the paranormal on unexplained occurrences in Los Angeles.

Get to Know It: Oct. 1 on Fox

Known Associates: Craig Robinson, Adam Scott


Emily: Bang. I love Adam Scott and I love Craig Robinson (and both of their previous half hour shows). I think the two of them as a duo will be quite entertaining, so I’m going to stick around for awhile. I really love Fox’s comedies, even if they take a bit to find their footing (New Girl, The Mindy Project, The Grinder, Grandfathered), so I’m going to give this one at least the first half of the season before I fully decide.

Kandis: Bang. I saw the pilot at ATX Television Festival, and it was pretty fun. Plus Adam Scott is just delightful, always. I don’t usually care for network comedies, but losing the laugh track is a step in the right direction. I’m giving this one a shot.

Mandy C.: Bang. Ben Wyatt meets the Pontiac Bandit? It doesn’t matter if Ghosted is nothing like either Parks and Rec or Brooklyn Nine-Nine; with these two guys in the lead, it’s bound to be a hilarious time.

Stephanie: Bang. Adam Scott back doing comedy makes me very excited—that copy machine scene had me giggling out loud, which I don’t normally do at straight-up silly comedies like this. I’m really hoping this one has the potential to be both smart and funny and not fizzle out.

Name: The Gifted

About: A suburban family is forced to go on the run when the children are discovered to possess mutant powers.

Get to Know It: Oct. 2 on Fox

Known Associates: Amy Acker, Stephen Moyer


Emily: Bang. There’s something in the trailer that is drawing me in. It feels more fantastical than most Marvel shows, yet completely relevant in the current climate of distrust for those different than ourselves. I think this series could make a positive impact on the way people perceive those they don’t understand, and I’m fully rooting for it!

Kandis: Marry. Shades of season one Heroes (the best season), plus some intriguing casting. DAMMIT, Marvel. You keep luring me back. Also, who doesn’t love Amy Acker? Honestly, I think I trust Fox, more than ABC, with this type of property. Don’t ask me why. Maybe it’s just the lack of horrendously bad costumes.

Mandy C.: Bang. I actually didn’t realize this was an X-Men show until way later than I’d like to admit, but even before that I was intrigued. It’s amazing how much better this looks than most of the other superhero shows we’re getting this season, and although I don’t think it’ll be as crazy as Legion, I’m all aboard the mutant train.

Stephanie: Marry. This is giving me serious season one Heroes vibes, which I loved, PLUS Amy Acker is in it?? Say no more. I also don’t mind seeing Bill the vampire sans Southern accent, and the rest of the cast had me intrigued enough to tune in.

Name: The Mayor

About: A struggling hip-hop artist runs for mayor to promote his mix-tape and wins.

Get to Know It: Oct. 3 on ABC

Known Associates: Yvette Nicole Brown, Lea Michele


Emily: Marry. I love the premise for this show. The trailer makes me laugh every time. And it’s produced by Daveed Diggs who can do no wrong in my book. I want this show to be amazing and last forever.

Kandis: Marry. The premise is a little too winky-winky considering the current state of politics, but I like the energy A LOT. ABC did produce one of the few new shows I loved last year, Speechless. And for some reason, this looks like the same kind of humor that can be sarcastic and warm at the same time. The casting looks so good, they even managed to make Lea Michele look winsome. I’m ready to vote for Courtney Rose.

Mandy C.: Bang. I’m not big on sitcoms, but I like the idea of this show, and it’s coming from ABC, who’s surprised me recently with sitcoms like Speechless, that don’t feel like your typical slapstick, stereotyping, laugh-track riddled half-hour comedies.

Stephanie: Marry. Out of all the new shows this Fall, this is the one I am most excited about. It’s a unique concept and looks like it’s going to blend the comedic and the heartwarming perfectly, if that trailer is anything to go by. Daveed Diggs (I’m going to assume it was all him) did a good job picking newcomer Brandon Michael Hall as the main character, because charisma is simply oozing out of him in just those little snippets. I also just finished watching Community on Hulu a few months ago, so I’m excited to see Yvette Nicole Brown back on my screen.

Name: Valor

About: The boundaries between military discipline and human desire are tested on a U.S. Army base that houses an elite unit of helicopter pilots trained to perform clandestine international and domestic missions.

Get to Know It: Oct. 9 on The CW

Known Associates: Matt Barr, Christina Ochoa, Zeeko Zaki


Emily: Bang. There are a large handful of military shows that are premiering this year. I know not all of them will last, but this one has a very strong female lead, and I think that’s worth tuning in for.

Kandis: Kill. Nope, nope, nope. Matt Barr’s haircut alone enrages me. This is so far from being my type of programming, but it’s even further from being the type of programming The CW can pull off. If this kind of thing is your jam, check out Six from The History Channel. I couldn’t finish it, because it’s way more nuanced and real than this nonsense.

Mandy C.: Kill. I come to The CW for over the top drama featuring hot YAs, not over-dramatic military shows. Bring back the ridiculousness, CW!

Stephanie: Kill. I’m not usually drawn to military shows. I’d be lying if I said the trailer didn’t interest me at all, but I just don’t trust this not to sink into a murky mess of backstabbing, spying, and convoluted plots. This would be one I’d watch next season if enough people told me this season was outstanding, but not before that.

Name: Dynasty

About: Follows two of America's wealthiest families as they feud for control over their fortune and their children.

Get to Know It: Oct.11 on The CW

Known Associates: Alan Dale, Elizabeth Gillies, Grant Show, Nathalie Kelley, Michael Beach


Emily: Kill. Nope. I can barely get through the trailer without multiple eye rolls, there is no way I’m going to make it through the pilot of this. It’s cheesy in a way that does not feel good. Not even going to try.

Kandis: Kill. Did they purposely cast every CW/WB actor I’ve hated for the last 15 years? I didn’t care for the first Dynasty. (I was more of a Dallas and Falcon Crest kind of girl.) I would only check this out of it turns out to be far more amazing than when I initially dismissed it, like The Arrangement.

Mandy C.: Kill. I spoke a little too soon—this is too far in the opposite, ridiculous direction, CW. Bring back the middle ground!

Stephanie: Kill. Never watched the original Dynasty, and I have no interest in a heartless soap about trashy rich people right now. I did enjoy The O.C. and Gossip Girl, so I don’t doubt that the creators can make this an entertaining farce, but it’s more like something I’ll binge on Netflix a few years down the line than watch week after week.

Name: Runaways

About: After discovering their parents are super-villains in disguise, a group of teenagers band together to run away from their homes in order to atone for their parents' actions and to discover the secrets of their origins.

Get to Know It: Nov. 21 on Hulu

Known Associates: Kevin Weisman, James Marsters, Ever Carradine, Kip Pardue, Gregg Sulkin


Emily: Marry. I have been so freakin’ excited for this show since I first heard about it. I forget that it’s Marvel and just focus on the fact that Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage (The O.C. and Gossip Girl) are making a show about teenage superheroes. I don’t think you can’t get more up my alley. Plus, I love Hulu and want them to have all the things. This show was created for me.

Kandis: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I tried to find a trailer, but apparently Disney keeps having them removed from websites. Not a great sign, dudes. I know nothing about this universe, except that Rainbow Rowell (who I ADORE) is writing the new comics. Diverse teenagers = yes. But, wow. These kids look really young. I don’t know if I can get invested here.

Mandy C.: Bang. I’m not super familiar with the comics, and the lack of trailer doesn’t help me come to a conclusion about how to feel. But I’ve heard great things about the comics, and the fact that Rainbow Rowell—who’s going to be writing a new run—has said it’s her favorite has me thinking this might be a whole lot of fun.

Stephanie: Kill? Once again, my lack of the Marvel extended universe is glaring here, as I haven’t been paying much attention to what this is. Maybe I’ll end up liking it? But I also watch way too much TV as it is, so this will need to be something special to make me want to pay attention.

Thoughts on the new offerings this season? Have you already set your DVR for any of these? Head to the comments to chat.

All About descriptions via IMDB.

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