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FYA Photo-A-Day Will Haunt Your October

Get your shutter fingers ready, because FYA Photo-A-Day is back for October 2017.

FYA Photo-A-Day Will Haunt Your October

One of our favorite projects is FYA Photo-A-Day, where we get to know you all a little better—so we're bringing it back for the month of October! Here's to 31 days of stormy reading weather, scary books, and all the candy you can stomach.

Haven't done an instagram Photo-A-Day challenge before? Just use the prompts (and the following explanations) to inspire your photos, upload them to instagram, tag @forever_young_adult, and use the hashtag #fyaphotoaday. If you follow us, we'll be playing along, too—plus, we'll pick our reader favorites and share them. Watch the hashtag to see the other posts and make new FYA friends.

This year, we're also going to cross post some of our challenge prompts to Litsy! Find us at @foreveryoungadult.

Without further ado, here are the prompts and explanations. Feel free to download the prompt photo and post it on your own instagram account.

1. Coffee and TBR

For International Coffee Day, show us your TBR pile and your favorite coffee cup (we won't tell if you don't drink coffee!)

2. Character Cars

It's Name Your Car day. Show us your favorite cars with names in YA, or which character you'd name your car after.

3. Currently Reading

4. Let's Get Familiar

Your familiar—er, pet—and what they'd read if they could.

5. Monster Crush

We want to hear about your monster book boyfriends/girlfriends.

6. Reading Spot

Show us your current or favorite reading spot.

7. Mix Tape

What do you like to listen to when you read?

8. Feel The Power

Books with the best supernatural or magical powers.

9. Book Swag

We want to see your latest or greatest book-themed swag, from accessories to home decor.

10. It's In The Bag

Show us how you read when you're on the go: do you have an e-reader, stuff paper books in a book bag, or something else? (Let's see the inside of your bag, while you're at it!)

11. Riot Grrls

Your favorite feminist YA characters or books, just in time for Internation Girl Day.

12. Frustration, thy name is...

It's Moment of Frustration Day. (No, we don't make these up.) Which books have you thrown against the wall in frustration?

13. Friday the 13th

Books with serious bad luck or superstitions in them.

14. Unpopular Opinion

We want to know your bookish unpopular opinion(s).

15. The Book Wasn't Better

It's rare, but there are movies and TV that are better than the books. We want to see your picks.

16. Black and Orange

What's black and orange and read all over? Your bookshelf. Show us your black and orange books.

17. Graphic Print

Your favorite graphic novels.

18. Literary Tourism

Ever traveled somewhere described in a book or somewhere an author lived (even if it's in your own hometown)? We want to see! If you haven't, show us where you want to go and tell us why.

19. Halloween #tbt

Show us your best Halloween costumes--bonus points if you're dressed as a book character.

20. Literarily, Sew Crafty

Let's see your book-themed crafts, pumpkins and beyond.

21. Hogwarts House Colors

Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, or Ravenclaw? Show us your house colors any way you choose.

22. Ghost Stories

Your favorite bookish ghosts. (If you manage to actually photograph a ghost reading, we'll be very impressed. Be sure to ask which book.)

23. Book Club

Your latest or greatest book club meeting.

24. Boo!

Books that have scared the daylights out of you.

25. Low-Key Cosplay

Like Disneybounding, how would you dress up as a book character (or a cover) without going full-costume?

26. Local bookstore/library

Where do you get your books?

27. Read aloud

It's National Tell a Story Day in the UK. Show us your favorite story you love reading (or hearing) aloud. For bonus points, use the video function and read to us!

28. Books & Candy

We want to see your brain candy books...and your favorite Halloween treats, of course.

29. Oh, horror (retellings)!

What are some of your favorite retellings of classic horror stories? (Alternatively, do you have any favorite horror stories?)

30. Read This Month

31. Halloween


We can't wait to see your photos!

Jennie's photo About the Author: Jennie Kendrick lives in San Francisco and has an excessive fondness of historical fiction, spreadsheets, turquoise sparkly things, and bourbon. She is also a literary agent. When she's not reading, writing, or writing about reading, she cooks obsessively, and thrifts for vintage everything.