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YA Onscreen: We Finally Have The RUNAWAYS Trailer And It’s Good!

We've been talking about Runaways with no details for what feels like forever, but no longer! Plus let's comb through the full trailer for The Last Jedi and get excited for a long-awaited Outlander reunion. 

YA Onscreen: We Finally Have The RUNAWAYS Trailer And It’s Good!

Welcome back to this week's YA Onscreen! There was an abundance of Marvel news on the interwebs this week, but I dug through and found some other juicy tidbits as well, so let's not dilly-dally.

This is going to be everywhere, so let's just get the Star Wars-y goodness out of the way first and watch The Last Jedi trailer together:

Claire and Jamie reunite in an extended episode of Outlander on October 22 and let me be the first to warn you that too much steam is bad for your TV's internal circuitry.  

Hulu finally released a trailer for Runaways, coming exclusively to the streaming service on November 21, and after all the hype, it looks pretty good! What do you guys think?

In honor of Supernatural's 13th (!) season, a list of the 13 best cameos in the show's history. And don't expect any romance or friendly reunions waiting on the horizon for these bros--this season will have them "the most alone" they've ever been. 

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s 5th season will be back on December 1 after Inhumans finishes its run. I have not been keeping up with this show, but apparently the season starts on a spaceship? Okay.

New trailer for The Shannara Chronicles, which premieres its new season on Spike TV (huh?) on October 11:

In even more premiere news, Shadowhunters will return with its new third season in April:

New characters and new actors are being announced and attached to the Fantastic Beasts sequel--including Jessica Williams!

Thor: Ragnarok is finally in front of the critics and the response has been good (whew)! Check out a new clip that shows The Hulk as the Sakaar's best fighter and folk hero.

If you need more of a reason to watch Wynonna Earp, this article explains what it did right compared to Once Upon a Time, which has a similar premise. 

Castle Rock looks like Hulu's answer to Stranger Things, though way more grown up and CREEPY AF. Plus J.J. Abrams is attached? I'm down. Can we also discuss Bill Skarsgård's scary-hot vibe? His murder eyes are on point, but I still can't help thinking I wouldn't kick him out of bed because of them...

That's it for the week! Let us know which returning or new show you're most excited premiering in the next few months.

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