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YA Onscreen: DOCTOR WHO Gets A Trio Of Companions

The new Doctor Who will get three new companions, plus a teaser for the sure to be crazy/awesome I, Tonya, lots of new adaptations, and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend making TV waves.

YA Onscreen: DOCTOR WHO Gets A Trio Of Companions

Thanks for joining us for this week's YA Onscreen! Here's what's new:

Lost Boys almost had an end credit scene and a different ending.

UnReal's adding some new characters to its fourth season. 

Renee Zellweger will be starring as Judy Garland in a bio-pic about the end of her life. I'm not sure Zellweger would've even been my fourth pick to portray Judy Garland, but I'm certainly curious for the promotional pictures.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is making some feminist waves by being one of the first primetime TV shows to use the word "clitoris" in a storyline about a man realizing he's never given his wife an orgasm.

Some surmise that part of the reason Netflix is so eager to bring back a second round of the Gilmore Girls revival is because they've revealed that it is the most "binge-raced" series in their repertoire. For the uninitiated, binge-racing is when you try to be the first to binge a show in a single day or less. Can we not make this a thing, internet people? Must we sink to this level of calling "First!" on who can sit on their couch for the longest?

Star Trek: Discovery has already been renewed for a second season.

Everything we know so far about the new season of Doctor Who, including her multiple new companions.

How great is the opening shot of this teaser trailer for I, Tonya when she stubs out a cigarette with the toe of her skate (toe pick!)?

Stephen King thinks that if a television adaptation of The Dark Tower happens that it'll probably be a complete reboot. Can you imagine if they had tried to cram Game of Thrones into one movie? Yeesh.

Noel Schnapp from Stranger Things has landed a role in Abe, a movie about a twelve-year-old boy who loves to cook.

TVLine's guide to more than sixty adaptations of movies heading to the small screen. 

Check out what is leaving and arriving on Netflix in November

Drew Goddard is producing an adaptation of a new middle-grade fantasy novel called Nevermoor coming out this Halloween. It's about a cursed girl who's slated to die on her 11th birthday but is whisked away to a magical city called Nevermoor. 

The trailer for Marvel's new Punisher movie:

Elizabeth Banks is bringing DC comic character Traci Thirteen to The CW

Gina Rodriguez is going to be an executive producer (alongside the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend team) for a female-driven drama on the CW network. It will be about four millenial women who become friends through a "secret feminist social media group". 

That's it for the week! Let us know your thoughts below.


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