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Procrastination Pro-Tips: Gayle Forman, Bookish Halloween Costumes, Runaways, And More!

Your weekly dose of Internet distractions!

Procrastination Pro-Tips: Gayle Forman, Bookish Halloween Costumes, Runaways, And More!

Ah yes, the Friday before Halloween when we're all searching for our productivity like ^^^. So here's a little something extra you can read while you pretend to work. Procrastination achievement: unlocked.

Book Related Things

Expand your TBR with 17 YA books by authors of colour coming out in the first half of 2018.

Buzzfeed lists 21 times Tumblr understood our obsession with YA books and it was spot. Freaking. On.

Need a last minute Halloween costume? PopSugar has a round up of 22 Literary Halloween Costumes!

Gayle Forman announced her new book with a Twitter GIF because she's awesome. Also: SQUEEE!

Catch these ebook deals before they're gone:

Please note: FYA collects a small percentage of sales from these affiliate links. Thanks for your support!

YA Onscreen Things

This week on YA Onscreen, Jane the Virgin's Gina Rodriguez will produce a female-driven drama with the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend team, the new Punisher trailer, UnReal news, and more. Check the full post here.

A new Netflix series about an Old West town of only women? YES PLZ. AV Club's got the trailer.

John Cho representing for Asian male butts in cinema. #blessed #GiveUsJohnChoAsARomanticLeadYesterdayDammit

Kristen Bell and probably Rob Thomas are open to a Veronica Mars miniseries (which is more accurate than the "a new miniseries is 'going to happen'" that's in this headline).

Runaways now has a full length trailer!

Ryan Murphy new FX show Pose is making history with the largest cast of transgender actors to date. DON'T SCREW THIS UP, RYAN.

Social Media Things

A delightful little thread by Maggie Stiefvater on why, perhaps, adults enjoy reading YA.

As usual, Brooding YA Hero delivers the sickest burnz:

LOLOLOL and also Thor: Ragnarok, we NEED you to be good. NEED.

Have you been following or participating in the FYA Photo-a-Day challenge? ::extreme cheerleader voice:: It's Not! Too! Late! To Parti! Ci! Pate!

Miscellaneous Things

Add a little FYA flair to your bedroom, back yard, cubicle, whatevs with these unicorn fairy lights. Martini glass and rainbow sold separately.

The first season of Serial Box's ReMADE is on sale before the second season starts Nov. 15, and there's a new ReMADE podcast!

Serve your friends dinner, or if you're a Slytherin, poison your enemies on these Hogwarts House dishes.

The NY Times is looking for a new travel journalist, so why not add your name to the applicant fray of 3100+ and counting?


Did we miss anything good? Give us more reasons to procrastinate the day away in the comments!

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