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Riverdale 2x04: The Town That Dreaded Sundown

This week had entirely too much Archie while giving us NO Josie, Pussycats, OR Cheryl Blossom. 

Riverdale 2x04: The Town That Dreaded Sundown

Previously, on Riverdale: Toni Topaz schools Jughead on how to survive at Southside High, Archie convinces the football team to become shirtless vigilantes, and we all shed a single tear for lonely Kevin Keller.

The Rundown

Riverdale is shook, Betty gets a letter AND a cipher from The Black Hood, Mayor McCoy holds a town hall, Archie continues his descent into vigilante justice, Kevin is back on Tinder and done with cruising, Hiram Lodge doesn't know how NOT to be a liar, and Veronica supports Archie in her own way but comes to regret it after the Serpents and the Bulldogs go at it in the rain, West Side Story style; Dilton is stabbed, and the rumble (that's right, I called it a rumble) is stopped when Veronica shoots Archie's gun into the air, scattering the idiot boys.

I named this Meathead_Reggie.gif.

The Teens

Archie is determined to make The Red Circle a thing despite Weatherbee kicking him and the entire football team off of, well, the football team. He goes to the Southside at night, alone, spray-painting his mark, trying to lure out The Black Hood, but instead is confronted by Sweet Pea and some of the Serpents. Archie pulls a gun on Sweet Pea, the Serpents bolt, and Archie's adrenaline spike crashes right into his PTSD.

Betty is blaming herself for "inspiring" The Black Hood, but Kevin and Jughead are both there to tell her that's nonsense. She keeps the letter to herself, only giving the cipher to her mother and the sheriff. She holds a cipher-deciphering party (which honestly? sounds awesome if lives weren't at stake) with Jug, Kevin, and Toni, and Toni loses all patience with Betty after she suggests that all clues lead to it being a Southsider. 

*pot-stirring noises*

Veronica tries to get her father to confess to inspiring Archie's redecication to vigilantism, but of course Hiram gaslights and dismisses her. I really hate Hiram Lodge.

Not-Having-Any-Of-Your-Nonsense Veronica is my favorite Veronica.

The Grownups

Alice Cooper is all over the place, especially since Polly left home with Betty's help. Hermione tries to warn Veronica about being blindly loyal to Archie, Fred tells Archie that he's terrified for him, and he is also the lone voice of reason at the Town Hall. 

Preach it, Brother Fred!

The Clues

The cipher ended up being from a Nancy Drew activity book that Betty checked out of the library repeatedly as a kid. OMG IS THE BLACK HOOD A LIBRARIAN (lol jk). We DO know that he was at the previous Town Hall at the end of last season because that's where he heard Betty speak, which means that the killer is from the Northside. AND WHAT ABOUT THAT PHONE CALL TO BETTY??

Outfit Hair MVP

*heart-eyes forever*

A Fine Line

"Maybe if you loosened up that ponytail a bit..."


Jughead's response is all of us:

What's Coming

Burning Questions

Why was Mr. Weatherbee initially supportive of The Red Circle, but now he's a hater?

Is it possible that Hal Cooper has an evil twin? That's my guess for The Black Hood at this time.

Was it really a serpent that stabbed Dilton Doiley? It was hard to tell in the chaos and the rain.

Will a longer season mean that they're going to drag out this plotline for another nineteen episodes? That's going to be a nope from me, writers. I'm hoping for a 2a and 2b format.

I felt kind of let down this week, y'all. Without Kevin, Toni, and Jughead this episode would've fell flat. Come share your thoughts with me below! 

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