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RIVERDALE 2x5: When A Stranger Calls

This week, we learn you can’t be half a serpent. And that Betty's taste in ringtones is not beyond reproach.

RIVERDALE 2x5: When A Stranger Calls

Previously, on Riverdale: Jughead was strongly urged to hang with the Serpents at Southside High. Rumble outside Archie’s house! Alice stirred the pot at the town hall, until Betty and Jughead broke it up, and finally fessed up to the police about the Black Hood’s letter. Veronica wants in on the Lodge dynasty. The Black Hood called Betty!

Hi friends! I’m filling in for Meredith, while she’s traveling this week. Let’s talk delinquent teens!

The Rundown

Betty tries to frantically take notes while the Black Hood makes threats. He knows where Polly is, and will hurt her if Betty tells anyone about their conversation. Betty tells Archie about her call, and he swears not to let her deal with this alone. The next time the Black Hood calls, he tells Betty he’s going to take care of her mom, and sends Betty an email. It’s an old newspaper with the mugshot of a Southside teen released on bail. It’s Alice! The same Alice who thinks Betty may have just made up the cipher from the killer, which has Betty ready to publish that mugshot in retaliation.

Sweet Pea shows Jughead his plans for a pipe bomb, in retaliation for the lost rumble. Jughead decides to take more of a leadership role and starts wearing his Serpents jacket, but they inform him he has to survive initiation first.

The Teens

Serpent initiation involves taking care of a mutt named Hot Dog, a shouted verbal quiz, which Jughead passes, and then he has to handle a snake. Is this gang a joke?


Betty meets Jughead at Pop’s, where they’re both still keeping secrets from eachother. Jughead tells her he wishes they could just get on his bike and run away together. Merriam-Webster has got your broody number, Jug.

Nick invites the Pussycats and all of Veronica’s friends to his party at the Five Seasons. Cheryl quickly insinuates her way into that plotline. Nick busts out the pixie sticks of Jingle Jangle. Betty is the only one who opts out, and then lashes out at Veronica in a pretty harsh fashion. Later, she confesses to Archie about doing what the Black Hood wants, because he hasn’t killed anyone since she started talking to him. Archie goes to talk to Jughead about the Betty situation, but then the Serpents arrive for the final initiation rite. So, Archie goes full Betty on him, and cruelly tells him she doesn’t want to see him anymore. Jughead then gets the holy crap beat out of him to become a full-fledged Serpent. Later, believing Betty dumped him, he and Toni kiss.

At the Lodge’s Open House, Nick shows up, full of apologies for coming on too strong with Veronica, and blames it on being in and out of rehab, while making eyes at Cheryl. Veronica and The Pussycats rock the party, but are somehow not too busy to notice that Nick has roofied Cheryl and disappeared. They bust into his room just in time, and give him the beatdown of a lifetime. It’s AMAZING.

The Grownups

Archie tells his dad he’s done with the Red Circle.

Alice wrote a rude editorial about Hiram Lodge in the paper, right before their big Open House. They Lodges need to land a big investor, and try to pimp out Veronica to make it happen. Her childhood friend, Nick St. Clair, the investor’s son, shows up in town with cocaine and a bad boy swagger. Way to go, Lodges.

The Clues

Betty has a list including that the Black Hood has green-eyes and is probably in his ‘20’s-’30’s. He rewards her “loyalty” by directing her to an abandoned house on the edge of town. Girl seriously needs some My Favorite Murder in her life. This is NOT how we stay sexy and don’t get murdered. Plus, I don’t even think she learns anything from this nonsense.

She does get the Black Hood to admit that Betty would know he is. But he doesn’t like to share her, so she has to start cutting people out of her life, starting with Veronica, and ending with Jughead.

In order to spare Archie, and Polly, the Black Hood demands the name of someone guilty to be sacrificed in their place. Betty gives him Nick St. Clair. Props, girl.

Outfit MVP

Alice arrives at the Open House party, looking like the legend she is.

A Fine Line

“I’m Riverdale’s resident It Girl, Cheryl Blossom.”

“You can put your cape away, Archie. The Pussycats already saved me.”

What’s Coming

Burning Questions

Betty’s ringtone is LOLLIPOP. I guess my question here is… WHAT?

Seriously, though. WHO is so fixated on Betty? Surely it has to be someone we’ve already seen before? But I can’t figure out who meets the description. I maintain Doiley is shady af.

What is happening to our power couple? I need my Riverdale OTP back on track, like immediately. I am, of course, referring to B & V.

How much shit is Archie going to be in, when Betty finds out he didn’t exactly follow instructions re: the Jughead breakup?

How long before this show goes full-on Rebel Without a Cause? May sweeps?

This episode was kind of a big ol’ mess, no? Let’s talk about it in the comments!

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