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YA Onscreen: Thanksgiving Wishes From DEADPOOL 2

Deadpool 2's marketing campaign seems like it's going to be just as hilarious as the first go-round, plus what happened to the Amazon outfits in Justice League, and guess who will be making their directorial debut with a YA novel? 

YA Onscreen: Thanksgiving Wishes From DEADPOOL 2

Back again for another week of YA Onscreen! Here's what is new:

There were some rumors that Gal Gadot refused to return for Wonder Woman 2 if Brett Ratner was still going to be an investor, but apparently it was just that: rumors. The premiere date has been moved up to November 2019 (still two years away, gah) so there's less competition for that movie-watcher money.

Speaking of Amazonian women, check out this regressive choice the Justice League movie made to change the Amazons' attractive yet practical armor into what are basically leather bikinis.

And speaking of Justice League (how long can I keep this going?), here are some of the first reactions from the critics.

Michael B. Jordan will make his directorial debut by adapting David Barclay Moore's YA novel, The Stars Beneath Our Feet

Have you seen the trailer for the upcoming comedy, Game Night, with people like Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams? It looks promising! 

With The Black Panther coming out soon, The Root has created a guide to fantasy and science fiction made for black people, by black people

More stars are coming forward and speaking out against the sexual assault they've experienced in Hollywood. Ellen Page wrote a thoughtful and heartbreaking post on Facebook about being outed as a teenager by Brett Ratner, and a producer for multiple CW shows like Arrow and Supergirl has been suspended after some of the cast and crew reported inappropriate behavior. The cast and crew of One Tree Hill wrote an open letter citing past instances of verbal and physcial abuse from showrunned Mark Schwahn. Ed Westwick of Gossip Girl fame is also facing rape allegations and has been dropped from multiple projects, including an Agatha Christie miniseries from the BBC. 

Well, those rumors about Amazon and LOTR didn't simmer for very long: it's true, though supposedly the series and/or spin-offs will cover previously unexplored stories of Middle Earth. 

The first trailer for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s new season is out.

Fans of the Captain America comic books are excited that it looks as if Infinity War will have Steve Rogers adopting the Nomad identity

A new trailer for The Greatest Showman is showing off Hugh Jackman's singing and dancing prowess

The promotions for Deadpool are always amusing, and the latest images cooked up for the sequel are just as silly as those for Valentine's Day. 

Is Millie Bobby Brown going to be in the next Narnia movie?

That's it for the week! Let us know what you've heard or your thoughts on the links above in the comments!

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