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RUNAWAYS 1x01: Reunion

Six kids walk into a basement ...

RUNAWAYS 1x01: Reunion

Welcome to the first of our recaps for Hulu’s new show, Runaways, a.k.a Marvel’s latest attempt to create a live-action version of every single one of their comic superheroes. This one features actual YAs, however, so it has promise ...

On the two-year anniversary of the death of a friend, Alex Wilder goes to school with the hopes of bringing his old group of friends back together. But they’ve all gone their separate ways, and none of them who aren’t related hang out any longer. Karolina Dean, the daughter of a Scientology-like religious leader, is the “millennial face” of the church, all smiles and #blessed selfies. Chase Stein hangs out with the popular crowd, and acts like a horrible stereotype. Gert Yorkes is a social justice warrior who’s sneered at by the rest of the kids in their posh private school. Nico Minoru wears dark clothes, dark makeup, and maybe practices the dark arts. Molly Hernandez, the youngest of the crowd and Gert’s adopted sister, wants to fit in, but might have some very special abilities. And then there’s Alex himself, who hangs out with no one and watches from the sidelines.

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When Alex asks them to all hang out that night while their parents hold an annual meeting of their PRIDE charity—like old times—they all turn him down. But fate (or the writers) has different plans, and they all end up over at Alex’s. Tensions are high, and they all agree to talk about Amy and the things that caused them to fracture, but first they go looking for alcohol. However, Alex’s attempt at keeping his dad’s study clean and water ring free leads them to discover some sort of ancient building under his house, where their parents are involved in a seriously creepy ritual.


- I wish my period cramps gave me super strength like Molly’s do.

- Brie-making hippies keep dinosaurs in their basements!

Runaways and Runanays

Winner: Alex. Way to get the band back together!

Losers: Chase’s so-called bros. Them trying to take advantage of Karolina while she was unconscious is FUCKED UP. They are the lowest of the low. (And also, do we really need more of that crap in pop culture? I have a feeling that it’ll never be mentioned again, and that’s utter bullshirt.)

Speech Bubbles

“I like hanging out with myself. How many people can say that?”—Alex

“If you were really afraid of me, you’d be getting an A.”—Victor

“And if that doesn’t work, go to the bathroom and give yourself an orgasm.”—Stacey
“Mom, seriously?”—Gert
“The oxytocins are a natural pain reliever.”—Stacey

“Holy shit, what just happened?”—Chase
“You mean other than a secret passage opening?”—Alex

Find Out Next Time ...

- Who or what is that gross thing wearing the Mad Max-style respirator?

- What happened to Amy?

- Do all of the kids have powers like Molly’s and Karolina’s? (And what, exactly, are their powers?)

- What are the parents up to, and what, really, is PRIDE?


Did you watch this first episode? Are you planning on checking out the rest? Let’s discuss in the comments!

Next episode: “Rewind”

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