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RUNAWAYS 1x02: Rewind

Meet the parents!

RUNAWAYS 1x02: Rewind

Jumping back to the beginning of the day, we get to see what the parents were up to while Alex was at school and working to get his friends back together—and their relationship dynamics, both with their partners and the rest of PRIDE.
As they’re setting up for the night’s meeting. Geoffrey Wilder is pulled away to deal with gang members showing up at the construction site of a new school being built by PRIDE. He threatens the gangster’s grandmother to prove that he’s still legit. Something about the school, and the timetable, is connected to PRIDE.

Frank Dean’s fired by his agent, and it makes him eager to become a bigger part of the church (and get a bigger part of the church’s money). Leslie Dean finds Destiny at the bus stop, about to leave to go home to her daughter. She tells Destiny that she’s ready to move up to the next level of the Church of Gibborim and go to “Ultra,” but really she just wants her as a sacrifice. Frank tries to talk his way into Leslie’s confidence, and then tries to break into her private business, but fails on both accounts.

The parents meet at the Wilders’s house for the PRIDE meeting, and shove Destiny in the box. When Molly’s flash startles them, the Wilders go upstairs, but find the kids in the pool house, playing Twister. The rest of the parents also exit the temple, leaving Victor to put away the pod. As he’s covering it, there’s knocking from the inside, and it turns out that whatever nefarious thing was supposed to happen to Destiny didn’t happen because he didn’t fix the pod’s issues earlier in the day.

Everyone heads home, the kids completely and understandably on edge, and Alex texts them to regroup the following day.

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- Tina’s got a crazy staff!

- Destiny’s not dead!

- The Yorkes’s dinosaur digs Gert’s singing voice!

Runaways and Runanays

Winner: Destiny. I’m glad she didn’t get melted or sent to another dimension or sucked dry of her life energy or whatever that box was supposed to do.

Loser: Victor. Not only did he apparently beat his son, but he’s a dick to his wife, too. And, apparently, a sub-par inventor.

Speech Bubbles

“Great theory, Doc Brown.”—Gert

“I wouldn’t say that. Nico just landed on green, so things are about to get a little freaky.”—Molly

Find Out Next Time ...

- I’m fascinated by the Church of Gibborim. What do we think is really going on there?

- Is Janet Stein having an affair? And is it with Robert Minoru? (I thought I saw a look between them, but I might be reading into it.)

- Is Flaky Immortan Joe Leslie’s “dead” dad?

- What other powers do the kids have? Do they all have them?


Do you feel for any of the parents, or are they all pretty terrible? Let’s discuss in the comments!

Next episode: “Destiny”

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