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RUNAWAYS 1x03: Destiny

We’re so here for Gert evening the playing field of patriarchal oppression.

RUNAWAYS 1x03: Destiny

After Molly’s parents’s funeral ten years prior, there suspicion about whether Tina was involved, and questions raised about what the Yorkes and the Hernandezes spoke about the night before they died.

Back in present day, the kids meet up at the beach and discuss the previous night’s events, but when Karolina gets a text from Destiny,they begin to question what really happened. That leads to them splitting up to investigate Victor’s lab, where Gert and Chase find some neat tech and an empty pod; Tina’s staff, which Nico uses to make snow fall in her mother’s office; the temple underneath Alex’s house, which George nearly catches Alex in the act of; Destiny’s whereabouts, which are supposedly London on a church trip; and the Yorkes’ basement lab, where Gert and Chase are nearly run over by a dinosaur.

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Meanwhile, another PRIDE project is revealed: a serum created by Stacey and Dale at their company Synnergy Bioengineering. Apparently, it could be used for good, but the Minorus just want to make sure that they get back the money they invested in it. And Catherine wants to use on Molly to figure out if she saw anything the night before.


- Destiny’s haunting Victor (and rightly so).

- So, Frank Dean’s a hapless goober because The PRIDE messed with his mind.

- Poor Destiny!*

*I mean, I knew it was 99% likely that she was dead, but I had hopes that someone might save her.

Runaways and Runanays

Winner: Gert. Her sardonic personality is making my life. I don’t love her antagonistic relationship with Karolina, but I’m assuming it’ll work out OK for everyone.

Loser: Destiny. I spoke too soon last week, didn’t I.

Speech Bubbles

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“I was providing you with an update, Jock Jams.”—Gert

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“This girl trouble must really got you down. You’re looking stressed.”—Geoffrey

“Spontaneous soft-serve?”—Stacey
“Yeah, they love soft-serve!”—Dale
“That is so not us. They’re going to know we’re hiding something.”—Stacey

“Later, Hermione.”—Alex

“After centuries of patriarchal oppression, me getting to objectify you is just called evening the playing field.”—Gert

Find Out Next Time ...

- What really happened to Molly’s parents?

- What did Frank see that made The PRIDE drug him and erase his memory?

- Why did Molly not question why Catherine took her—while she was sleeping, no less—to a secluded dead-end road?

- How’re Gert and Chase going to explain to her parents that they let their dinosaur loose?

- Related: What’s Gert’s relationship with the dinosaur? And where did the Yorkes get it?


I’m kind of digging that the ladies are the only ones with powers so far. What about you? Let’s discuss in the comments!

Next episode: “Fifteen”

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