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RUNAWAYS 1x04: Fifteen

In which Chase commits himself to Sparkle Motion.

RUNAWAYS 1x04: Fifteen

Turns out, two years ago, Amy killed herself. Only, when Nico found the body, Tina knocked Nico out with the staff rather than letting her call 911. When Nico woke up, she watched as her mother spoke with a strange man who said that he’d “handle” it. Thinking about this day with the possibility that her parents might be serial killers, however—and after reading Amy’s diary—Nico’s pretty convinced that Amy was murdered. She decides to go to the police, and asks Alex to go with her.

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The PRIDE calls an emergency meeting to discuss what to do about the fact that Victor obviously lied about the pod working, and sends Victor and Robert out to find a new sacrifice. They attempt to abduct a homeless man, but are caught by the police. At school, Chase gets into another fight with his lacrosse teammates, and Karolina’s confronted by a girl who tells Karolina that the strife is all her fault.

Leslie, after stripping down and cuddling with Flaky Joe, leaves her private meditation chamber and finds Frank outside. Frank confronts her, asking if she’s having an affair, but Leslie turns the situation around when she tells Frank that she’s actually been praying about Frank’s upcoming rise to Ultra.

Gert and Karolina head to the Dean’s house to snoop around in Leslie’s stuff, hoping to find information about the Ultra ceremony that might explain their parents’ weird behavior. They find some computer files, which they send to Alex. But then Chase shows up to explain to Karolina what really happened at the party. Crestfallen, Gert heads home, and finds Molly about to fight the dinosaur, which hadn’t run away after all. (And Karolina shows Chase what happens when she takes off the bracelet.) Dale and Stacey show up soon after, and they try to explain to the girls why the dinosaur exists. They’re about to go on the run when Tina arrives and threatens them into staying to see whatever the PRIDE is doing through.

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At the police station, Nico and Alex try to tell the police about their parents, but no one takes them seriously. And they run when they see Robert and Victor there, meeting with the man Nico saw after Amy’s death. They head to a coffee shop, where they decrypt Leslie’s files. And as Nico calls Karolina to tell that the files are all on runaways that likely all went missing over the past 15 years, Alex is kidnapped.


- Flaky Immortan Joe’s junk ...  glows.

- And so does all of Karolina! (Good to know it wasn’t just her reaction to drugs.)

Runaways and Runanays

Winner: Chase. For someone who seemed like the worst kind of jock stereotype, I’m super impressed that he quit the lacrosse team when he found out what kind of degenerates his teammates were. Was it largely in part of impress Karolina? Maybe, but still. It’s a bold move for a popular teenage boy.

Loser: Victor. He’s so, so gross. Even with that unexpected moment of fatherly decency about the Fistigons.

Speech Bubbles

“You all can believe in whatever fantasy you want, but I’m going to make damn sure they can’t hurt me.”—Chase

“Now. How hard can it be to find a dinosaur in the Palisades?”—Dale

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“What I saw in them, I can’t be a part of.”—Chase

Find Out Next Time ...

- What really happened to Amy?

- That whole “warming” weirdness has me second-guessing my guess on who Flaky Immortan Joe really is. Could he be Leslie’s true partner/Karolina’s father?

- Do kids in LA really use Lyft that often?

- Is a dinosaur really a good method of protection? (She’s not even that big.)

- Who kidnapped Alex? (My guess is George’s former gang friends.)


I’m currently more interested in the parents, as terrible as they are, than the majority of the kids. What say you? Let’s discuss in the comments!

Next episode: TBD

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