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YA Onscreen: Join Us As We Ogle The AVENGER Hotness

Vanity Fair had to have four different covers to fit in even just a sampling of the beautiful people starring in Avengers: Infinity War, plus we urge you to watch Runaways, and what is happening with Harry Potter and the Cursed Child?

YA Onscreen: Join Us As We Ogle The AVENGER Hotness

Thanks for tuning in to a new week of YA Onscreen! Without delay, let's hit the links:

Variety certainly isn't playing around with their new Twitter account (make sure you click the link in the tweet):

There are a TON of superheroes in Avengers: Infinity War, as evidenced by this lengthly photoshoot. I feel exhausted just thinking about how many one-liners there will be (literally, because there will only be enough time for each character to speak one line). 

It looks like Lizzy Caplan will likely be joining Channing Tatum in 2019's Gambit

Who watched Runaways last week? It was really good! I was a little sad after I binged on the last one. Head over to Mandy C's recaps to gab about what YOU think the parents are up to. Also, if you're not quite convinced to watch it, go check out this thoughtful review, though be warned there are a few mild spoilers. 

And one last bit: Runaways has a strange connection to Doctor Strange?

Use this list of 17 Christmas themed TV episodes currently available on Netflix to get yourself in the holiday spirit.

Also a list of all of the 2017 holiday movies happening...well, they started last week (or in October, if you're Hallmark). But I'm sure you can still catch a lot of them on repeat.

Heads up, TV writers: stop asking "smart" characters to put it in "English, please."

You had me at "from the producer of Friday Night Lights", trailer for Rise. You had me at FNL:

I had no idea I needed a duet between my old fave, Kelly Clarkson, and my new fave, Gaten Matarazzo...but I did.

Hart of Dixie's Wilson Bethel will be joining the third season of Daredevil as an FBI agent (sans shirt, we can only hope?).

If you needed another reason to go watch it, Lady Bird has set a record on Rotten Tomatoes as the best reviewed movie of all time

Jude Law will be playing Mar-Vell in Captain Marvel. Okay, sure. I'm pretty sure the list of actors who AREN'T in a superhero movie is going to be the shorter of the two. 

Some people are very upset they had to sit through a 21 minute "short" about Frozen and Olaf before getting to watch Coco. Kinda lame, Disney. 

Teaser trailer for the fourth season of Black Mirror

That's all for now! Let us know what else you've seen around the interwebs.

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