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RUNAWAYS 1x05: Kingdom

WIth their powers combined ...

RUNAWAYS 1x05: Kingdom

18 years ago, George was in prison when a mysterious business man came for a visit and made him an offer for a supposedly useless piece of land. George countered with an offer of partnership, but the man didn’t want to work with someone in jail. So George asks Darius—the gang member from “Rewind”—to take the rap for shooting someone so that he can get out of jail. George promises to “not forget” about Darius, but obviously did, as evidenced by their relationship in the present.

In fact, it’s Darius that kidnapped Alex to try and force George to give him a million dollars. George isn’t happy that Darius has taken his son, however, and comes at him with automatic weapons. In the kerfuffle, Alex shoots one of Darius’ men, a guy his own age named André.

Nico, Karolina, Gert and Molly follow Darius’ car with the help of Nico’s staff, and Chase meets up with them as they’re trying to rescue Alex. Minus Gert, they all use their powers—and Chase uses his Fistigons, which he’s been working on with a seemingly changed Victor—to rescue Alex.

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After Darius flees, Alex tries to help George and André, but George sends him away … and then PRIDE uses André as the needed sacrifice. The kids try to save André, but their parents aren’t in the Wilder’s basement sacrifice library. The sacrifice works, and PRIDE leaves, minus Leslie.

At their respective homes, Alex yells at his dad, Karolina has a freak out, and Gert and Molly visit the dinosaur. Nico tries to put the staff back quietly, but her mom catches her—and she’s actually nice about it? Chase goes home to find that Victor’s attempted to create a time machine that gets visions of the future. It doesn’t work, but Victor’s meltdown leads him to reveal to Chase that he has brain cancer. As the two leave the lab, the discarded tIme machine shows Los Angeles burning, natch.

Somewhere in the desert, Frank’s told that he failed Ultra. And back at the Church, Leslie finds Flaky Joe, who just so happens to be the mysterious man from George’s past, fully healed and eager to meet “her,” much to Leslie’s distress.


- Victor realizing that he’s been a horrible dick to his son? Amazing!

- Alex shot André!

- Flaky Joe is Doctor Doom!

Runaways and Runanays

Winner: Flaky Joe. Welcome back to the land of the moisturized.

Loser: Chase. Just when you think Victor might not be so bad afterall, he springs the fact that he has an aggressive form of brain cancer on his son.

Speech Bubbles

“Currently training on Dagobah … ”—Alex’s voicemail message

“There’s a lot of insanity to fill you in on, but we’ll get to that later.”—Gert

“She’s beautiful and she glows. Great.”—Gert

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“I’m sorry this isn’t one of your free-range, grass-fed sacrifices.”—Catherine

Find Out Next Time ...

- What’s so special about that old strip mall?

- Does Karolina have a thing for Nico? The lust in this group is going to get messy.

- Does PRIDE keep a spare set of robes in their cars?

- Did Frank really fail Ultra? Or was it all a ruse to keep him out of town and occupied?

- Is the “her” Flaky Joe referred to at the end of the episode Karolina? Why is Leslie so worried?


Yet another episode in which the kids want to see the best in their parents, regardless of the signs. Are we going to get to the season finale before they run away? Let’s discuss in the comments!

Next episode: TBD

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