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RUNAWAYS 1x06: Metamorphosis

There still hasn’t been any literal running away, but there’s certainly some happening in the figurative sense.

RUNAWAYS 1x06: Metamorphosis

Looks like Jonah’s the one behind everything: all of the parents’ successes and the sacrifices. He brought PRIDE together through manipulation and gifts, and everyone was in too deep before they knew it. And at the first sacrifice, when they all learned what, exactly, they’d signed up for, they also  found out that they were being recorded, and therefore was no way out.

In the present, Jonah and Leslie discuss what to do about Frank and what to tell everyone when they ask who he is. She’s hesitant and wants him to keep a low profile, but he wants to attend an upcoming fundraiser for PRIDE’s “school”—and meet his daughter.

The kids make a plan to release a video of their parents during the fundraiser, but they’re all having second thoughts because of how nice their parents are being. Except for Alex, who’s ready to burn it all down.

At the fundraiser, while Frank and Leslie chat about Frank’s inability to go Ultra, and he admits that his passions are elsewhere, Jonah sidles up and steals Leslie away. As they walk into the crowd, Frank has a hazy vision/memory of walking in on the two of them having sex in Leslie’s private meditation chamber (a.k.a. Jonah’s room).

Elsewhere at the party, Gert questions Karolina about her possible interest in Nico, and Karolina gets defensive, turning the conversation back on Gert and the fact that she likes Chase; neither of the girls are willing to admit their true feelings, however. Tina and Alex head to the server room, but they find that they can’t access anything from there and head to Tina’s office. They get the files, but not before Tina shows up for a private moment. Karolina grabs a bottle of vodka and heads to the roof; Chase follows behind. He tries to talk her into going back inside and calming down, but she falls backward off the roof. Thankfully, as he tries to catch her, he snags her bracelet and her powers kick in. He kisses her, and Molly sees it happen.

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Back inside, Victor gives a speech that turns into him announcing the fact that Janet and Robert are having an affair before he collapses onto the stage. Janet tries to help, but Chase sends her away. Leslie brings Jonah and Dale to Victor’s side, and Jonah injects an “experimental immunotherapy” drug into Victor. It seems to help, but it also might have messed with his memory?

And then Molly, who’s been pressing Catherine for information on her parents the whole evening, accidentally reveals to Catherine that she saw PRIDE in their robes during the botched sacrifice.


- Oh hai, Stan Lee!

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- So Karolina lights up, and can fly (or at least float).

Runaways and Runanays

Winner: No one. This episode was kind of a downer for everyone. (Us viewers included.)

Loser: Frank. Poor guy has been used, lied to, had his brain messed with, and now has to deal with Jonah pushing to be a larger presence in everyone’s (Leslie and Karolina’s) life. He’s a sweet guy, and deserves better than anyone’s giving him currently.

Speech Bubbles

“Unfortunately, Real Serial Killers of Brentwood isn’t available on iTunes, only in your mom’s personal collection.”—Alex

“It is science, Nico.”—Tina
“If by science you mean high-tech magic, then … sure.”—Nico

“Cheating’s much harder when your husband isn’t being a dick.”—Janet

GIFs via karolina-dean

“We just need a few minutes of quality flirtation. That’s it”—Nico
“Right … but how.”—Gert

“Oh, looks like I still have the high score.”—Gert
“Oh, you’ll make one hell of a pilot for the rebellion, I’ll tell you that much.”—TK
“Copy that, Gold Leader.”—Gert

Find Out Next Time ...

- So Tina’s not a witch? It seems like they’re leaning into making this show much more about “science” than anything supernatural or fantastical.

- Does Victor not remember that he found out about the affair?

- How long is this love quintangle between Karolina, Chase, Gert, Nico, and Alex going to last? I’m sure Molly feels left out, and at the same time relieved.

- Why is Gert pining over Chase when that adorable, hapless security guard is obviously available? (The kinda creepy goon she was right to pass on.)

- What does Jonah mean when he tells Frank that he did go Ultra, but doesn’t remember?

- How long do Jonah’s “good times” last for?

Anyone else bummed out by that episode, or was it just me? Let’s discuss in the comments!

Next episode: “Refraction”

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