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RUNAWAYS 1x07: Refraction

In which improvements actually just make everything worse.

RUNAWAYS 1x07: Refraction

Victor Stein has always been driven, but he wasn’t such a bad egg, once upon a time. He even loved Chase, which is all the more heartbreaking to think about how horrible he got as Chase got older. But he’s still being nice—at least, for the time being. And something in Chase wants to believe, as evidenced by the message Victor receives from Future Chase through his time machine, warning him not to pick up the Fistigons.

Elsewhere in LA, the Wilders snoop in Alex’s room, looking for evidence that Molly told him about the night in the basement. Robert tells Nico that he’s moving out. Frank buts in on a Gibborim death ceremony, and “heals” the dying man thanks to some fancy gloves from Jonah. Dale and Stacey examine the serum that “cured” Victor and find that Jonah’s DNA has some amazing properties, and can be quite the powerful drug.

At school, Molly reveals to the rest of the group that she accidentally let Catherine know that she was down in the basement. The other kids are upset, and Molly gets defensive, turning to Eiffel and the dance team. (But they only want her to do their dirty work, natch.)

While the other parents head to the school’s open house, Frank goes looking through the church’s storage area and finds a photo of Jonah—as he looks now—with a very young Leslie. At the open house, Leslie tries to fix the members of PRIDE, telling Tina to move forward and Janet to break things off with Robert. (She eventually does.) She thinks she’s resolved everything, but it’s not as easy as it looks. The Wilders tell the Yorkes about what Molly saw, and they make a plan to send her away, “for her own good.” Frank later finds Leslie and confronts her about the photo; Leslie spills the beans that Jonah is the “Being” at the core of the Gibborim religion, and that she’s ashamed about her relationship with him.

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Back at home, Victor’s coming down off the Jonah high, and turns on Chase. Janet finds him about to use the Fistigons on Chase for a second time, and shoots Victor straight through the chest.


- Jonah’s how old now? (And he slept with Leslie? GROSS.)


Runaways and Runanays

Winner: Frank. He’s finally (or again?) getting the information he deserves to know.

Loser: Molly. Poor thing only wants to be a part of a family, and everywhere she turns, she’s getting cast aside.

Honorable Mention: Robert.

Speech Bubbles

“I’m pretty sure the guy wore the same pair of pants for an entire semester.”—Chase
“Sign of an uncluttered mind.”—Victor

“If they know you saw the robes, they know you got down the staircase.”—Nico
“Unless they wear the robes to other places, like the gym or Whole Foods.”—Gert

“That’s what I love about you, Molly. Our parents are killers, the cops are crooked, and we almost got killed by some gang members. But you see it as “everything is going great.”—Karolina
“Maybe my true super power is my positive attitude.”—Molly
“Now you sound like a poster in my dentist’s office.”—Karolina

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“Oh! That was the greatest kiss I’ve ever experienced. It was like an explosion of color in my mouth!”—Dale

“I don’t know if I’ll ever feel excitement again … laughter, joy.”—Dale

Find Out Next Time ...

- If the cops are corrupt and in PRIDE’s pocket, will releasing the video really do anything? What will the kids do next if nothing comes from it’s release?

- Why is it so dark in the school, and why are the PRIDE parents lingering long after everyone else is gone?

- How will the kids save Molly from being sent away?

- Is anyone else worried for Frank’s safety? Or will he fill the PRIDE hole left by Victor?

- Related: Is Victor truly dead? (As much as I love James Marsters, I won’t be sad if that’s the end of his run.)

I guess I understand why the kids are trying to get evidence before they peace out, but I’m super bored with the parents’ storylines. How about you? Let’s discuss in the comments!


Next episode: “Tsunami”

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