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YA Onscreen: The Ladies Of The OCEAN’S 8 Trailer

Maybe one day all-female ensembles will be so the norm that we can be blasé about it, but until then: you go, ladies! Plus, is Wednesday Isaac Gomez's favorite day of the week and who actually watched A Christmas Story Live?

YA Onscreen: The Ladies Of The OCEAN’S 8 Trailer

Thanks for joining me for this week's YA Onscreen. Guys--the internet is a scary place right now for a person (like moi) who has not yet seen The Last Jedi. I was holding my breath as I quickly scanned for this week's links just in case there was a douchecanoe out there who put spoilers in the headline. Rest assured there will be no gotchas here for the others as yet uninitiated (or those who just don't care). To the links!

Remembering The Miracle on 34th Street seventy years later.

Fox's A Christmas Story Live, their latest attempt at a live musical, performed the worst out of all of the live musicals in recent years. A) Is A Christmas Story even a musical? Was there singing in Fox's version? B) It apparently aired this past Sunday and this is the first I'm even hearing about it, so clearly they weren't marketing to their target audience (because I effing love musicals). 

Alyssa Milano on the Brad Kern allegations and Charmed

The Ocean's 8 teaser is here, but the full trailer JUST came out, so you may as well just watch that below! I'm so here for Sandy and her friends. 

Jaime Murray has been cast in the final season of The Originals as a mysterious vampire with a connection to Elijah. 

Also, behind-the-scenes photos of The Originals series finale. 

2017 TV: A year in review

We had to know something like this would pop up: Rotten Apples is a website for movies that allows you to look up the sexual harassment allegations associated with anyone who worked on the production. 

Which television networks make the grade with regards to Asian representation?

Oscar Isaac is in talks to be the voice of Gomez in an animated Addams Family movie.

The Moana directors are hopeful that there could be an LGBTQ Disney princess someday soon. While we would be stoked about that, we won't be holding our breath until that happens. 

13 things you may not have noticed during your first (or second or third) viewing of The Holiday

Did you know that Milo Ventimiglia was in a sexy vampire movie in 2013?

That's it for the week! Let us know what else you've seen around the interwebs in the comments below.

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